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Efforts to reboot one of the oldest surviving mass-produced computers are under way in Milton Keynes.

The National Museum of Computing has taken delivery of what it believes is the last ICT 1301 computer to ever have a chance of working again.


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Important Preservation
by FortranMan on Wed 16th Oct 2013 11:31 UTC
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I think its great that they are working to make the machine functional. I fear that in technology industries our collective memory is all too often shorter than it should be; just being vaguely aware of where we have been can really provide much better perspective on where we should be going, and a knowledge past methods and techniques can prove to be a very fertile source of inspiration for new applications of old ideas.

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by Drunkula on Wed 16th Oct 2013 14:17 UTC
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Neat. I wonder if it can crunch SETI WUs or do other Boinc work. JK....

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