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Despite the fact that even some of Samsung's own devices with just 512MB RAM run KitKat just fine, the company still claims the international Galaxy SIII's and SIII mini's 1GB of RAM is not enough to run KitKat.

In order to facilitate an effective upgrade on the Google platform, various hardware performances such as the memory (RAM, ROM, etc.), multi-tasking capabilities, and display must meet certain technical expectations. The Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions come equipped with 1GB RAM, which does not allow them to effectively support the platform upgrade. As a result of the Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions’ hardware limitation, they cannot effectively support the platform upgrade while continuing to provide the best consumer experience.

Do not buy Samsung phones.

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Comment by helf
by helf on Sat 10th May 2014 18:06 UTC
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Or you can keep buying whatever the hell phone you like that does what you want and then rely on third party upgrades if you don't upgrade your phone every 12-18 months as is.

I'm happily using a GNII with 4.1.2 on it still and probably wont bother with the official upgrades until I resell it for a GN4.

My GNII has 2gb of ram in it with ~1.7gb user usable, and it groans under the weight of 4.1.2 when multitasking hard. multiwindow mode would be a nightmare in 512mb/1gb.

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RE: Comment by helf
by Kivada on Mon 12th May 2014 02:53 UTC in reply to "Comment by helf"
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Or yo could pick up that new Oppo N1 which will be shipping with Cyanogenmod installed by default.

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RE: Comment by helf
by Kochise on Mon 12th May 2014 11:53 UTC in reply to "Comment by helf"
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If I install a dedicated 120 GB SSD for swapping, could it help to install KitKat, a phone operating system, where Symbian was feature full in less than 100 MB ?


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Oh noes...
by HangLoose on Sat 10th May 2014 18:58 UTC
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Does this mean that my phone won't have the hundreds of megabytes of bloatware of unnecessary apps?

If only my CM10 install would give a sh*t. ;)


I have been using my old S3, I have a Note3 now, as a poor-mans-media-center connecting to Netflix, YouTube and my NAS (plus all the photo apps). Only thing I have added to my remote was a bluetooth wireless mouse. Who the hell needs an Apple TV or Roku?

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by WorknMan on Sat 10th May 2014 19:00 UTC
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I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 running 4.3 and a Galaxy Tab 8.4 running 4.4, and I don't even notice a difference. (I could update 4.4 on the Note, but I'm not sure if I'd lose root, so I don't even bother.)

This rant would've meant something a couple of years ago, but Google has been in the habit of breaking things and removing features in Android for quite some time. (For example, in 4.2, they broke CIFS and removed SD card support from stock, plus some bluetooth controllers (like the Wiimote) wouldn't work anymore. And putting most of the good stuff in Play Services, so this issue is hardly as pertinent as it used to be.

In 4.4, SD card app transfers are a little iffy now. It's like Windows, where you wonder what they're going to f**k up in the next update. As long as they update previous versions to patch big security holes, I'm good.

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v ...
by Hiev on Sat 10th May 2014 19:06 UTC
It has more than enough juice
by p13. on Sat 10th May 2014 19:09 UTC
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The SIII still is pretty well specced and has more than enough juice to run kitkat. From what i've heard, kitkat actually runs faster on older phones.

Perhaps what they mean is "it can't run all of the new useless crap we've come up with since we came out with the SIII."
Sounds more like it ...

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Samsung field of bloatwared reality
by Sobakus on Sat 10th May 2014 19:09 UTC
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Is quite simple, in the Samsung world "upgrade Android" means "upgrade Android+Touchwiz+Aboatloadofcrapware(TM)".

So, if you change "1GB is not enough to run Android KitKat" for "1GB is not enough to run Android KitKat+Touchwiz+Aboatloadofcrapware(TM)" maybe it can be more plausible.

And believe me, I have a Note 3 and this device amazes me all the time, its one of the finest pieces of hardware I ever bought, but the ever increasing amount of crap Samsung puts in their devices is making me sick.

After having a Galaxy S2, S3, Note 1 and Note 3 I reckon my next device wont be a Samsung...that's as soon as someone puts a Truck battery or a nuclear generator inside an android device ;)

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by debio on Sat 10th May 2014 20:47 UTC
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My SIII (now a hand-me-down to my daughter) has been running KitKat since last December. Thank you cyanogenmod.

God I hate Touchwiz and Samsung ROMS. Samsung should stick to hardware and hardware only. When I got an S4 last August, I think I waited all of two days before rooting/wiping/flashing CM.

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RE: Woot?
by RshPL on Sat 10th May 2014 23:26 UTC in reply to "Woot?"
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What update exactly? Today I checked cyanogenmod for my SIII and Kitkat was marked unstable with lots of bluetooth and camera issues on the forums.

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RE: Woot?
by _txf_ on Sat 10th May 2014 23:50 UTC in reply to "Woot?"
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My SIII (now a hand-me-down to my daughter) has been running KitKat since last December. Thank you cyanogenmod.

While that is true,a while back the cynogenmod S3 maintainers pretty much quit, due the behaviour of samsung, i.e. no drivers etc.

That may be different as now there are google play editions...

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Comment by some1
by some1 on Sun 11th May 2014 00:03 UTC
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Google themselves did not provide a KitKat update for Galaxy Nexus, which is almost identical to GS3 hardware-wise, saying that it's "too old".

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RE: Comment by some1
by ufoman on Sun 11th May 2014 00:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by some1"
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Not really, GNex used OMAP SoC, Internetional GS3 used Exynos. So, it seems like even Samsung ran into similar issues as devs trying to put custom roms on these phones ;) )

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Always buy Nexuses
by ronaldst on Sun 11th May 2014 04:32 UTC
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I tell people this over and over. They have a lower planned obsolescence rate than every other android units out there.

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RE: Always buy Nexuses
by moondevil on Sun 11th May 2014 08:15 UTC in reply to "Always buy Nexuses"
moondevil Member since:

Except they lack SD card support and Google seems anyway to replace them with something else in the upcoming months.

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RE: Always buy Nexuses
by oskeladden on Sun 11th May 2014 09:28 UTC in reply to "Always buy Nexuses"
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I tell people this over and over. They have a lower planned obsolescence rate than every other android units out there.

In this case, though, following that advice wouldn't have been of much use. The Galaxy Nexus - which was the Nexus available when the S3 came out - didn't get an update to KitKat either. I can't see any technical reason for this. Verizon released a KitKat update for its CDMA version, and the GSM version wasn't so fundamentally different as far as I know.

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Mobiles != PC
by moondevil on Sun 11th May 2014 08:21 UTC
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Now is Samsung, a few years ago it was HTC. Desire anyone?

Replace Samsung by whatever OEM, they won't change this behaviour.

It is plain and simple how the OEM and mobile operators always worked. They will never change.

Apple managed to work around it, because they control the whole stack.

Even Microsoft just has a kind of mixed Apple/Google behaviour to avoid pissing the OEM too much.

So unless this OS Developer != OEM != mobile operator chains is broken, every year we will complain about a different OEM, that is all.

As long as you get different elements in the chain, there will always be this stupid talk about product differentiation and added value.

PS: I own a S III

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RE: Mobiles != PC
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 12th May 2014 14:35 UTC in reply to "Mobiles != PC"
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Well, it will be interesting to see what kind of an update support timeline the Google play store editions of phones will get. It might be embarrassing of the GPE versions get upgraded while the OEM skinned version doesn't.

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Glad I own an iPhone,,
by krreagan on Sun 11th May 2014 16:33 UTC
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After reading all the comments, it just reinforces my decision to buy another iPhone.
It just works, and I my old 4s runs the latest version of iOS. (now relegated to my bike computer).

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Oppo 7
by hackus on Sun 11th May 2014 21:34 UTC
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Getting a Oppo phone as they cooperate very strongly with Cyanogenmod to insure the phones and the developers have the documentation they need.

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Moto G
by REM2000 on Mon 12th May 2014 07:47 UTC
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I have a Moto G which has 1GB RAM and 4.4.2 kitkat on it and it runs really really fast, im surprised at the number of apps this thing can run at the same time, it's purely the bloatware samsung stuff which is holding up this phone.

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by Ultimatebadass on Mon 12th May 2014 08:44 UTC
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considering kitkat was supposed to be more optimized for lower-end devices. We all know it's not about the ram though, gotta push those new phones somehow.

My old asus tf300t runs waaay better on kitkat cyanogenmod compared to official asus 4.2 roms.

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by deathshadow on Mon 12th May 2014 11:16 UTC
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Reeks from top to bottom of marketing making up bullshit to try and get you to buy a S5, instead of continuing on with an "older" model that's given away free with most plans now.

Marketing departments these days make up all kinds of fantasy-land bull about older products; unfortunately most consumers don't know enough on the topic to recognize it for what it is -- 100% bunko.

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by Drunkula on Wed 14th May 2014 12:25 UTC
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Even my Droid DNA got Kitkat. Poor little S3... ;-)

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