Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sun 1st Jun 2014 21:26 UTC

Subgraph OS was designed from the ground-up to reduce the risks in endpoint systems so that individuals and organizations around the world can communicate, share, and collaborate without fear of surveillance or interference by sophisticated adversaries through network borne attacks.

Subgraph OS is designed to be difficult to attack. This is accomplished through system hardening and a proactive, ongoing focus on security and attack resistance. Subgraph OS also places emphasis on the integrity of installable software packages.

Strange how only a few years ago, I'd call this stuff paranoid.

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what is the new idea?
by project_2501 on Sun 1st Jun 2014 21:52 UTC
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I looked and couldn't find anything that suggested a new novel approach?

It's just a Linux based OS with configuration / patches applied. It doesn't do anything you could't do using a popular Linux distro with some but not too much work.

Here's the key question - does it address any problem that a well configured popular Linux based OS can't?

Am I missing something?

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RE: what is the new idea?
by Morgan on Sun 1st Jun 2014 22:18 UTC in reply to "what is the new idea?"
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Not to mention, what does this do that Tails doesn't?

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RE: what is the new idea?
by jhowie on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 03:08 UTC in reply to "what is the new idea?"
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You took the words out of my mouth.

Why oh why do people talk about creating a new OS and then just peddle a repackaged/reconfigured version of Linux?

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RE[2]: what is the new idea?
by renox on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE: what is the new idea?"
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Because a kernel isn't an OS?

You can create very different OSs with the same kernel..

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RE: what is the new idea?
by Soulbender on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 08:53 UTC in reply to "what is the new idea?"
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I like how their graph makes it look like Tor is at a lower level than the kernel.

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RE: what is the new idea?
by wigry on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 10:09 UTC in reply to "what is the new idea?"
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Apparently they devoted all their effort into creating a new email client:

"Subgraph OS was designed to enable secure communication, and a key part of a secure communications platform is the email client. Subgraph has written an entirely new email client from the ground-up to be a usable, attack resistant, standards-supporting end-user client for communicating securely with email."

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Does this actually exist?
by hardcode57 on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 05:13 UTC
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Maybe I'm being boneheaded, but I can't see any hint on the site of how this product can be obtained, just a bunch of marketing fluff.

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It isn't paranoia...
by gus3 on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 20:36 UTC
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if they're really out to get you.

Thing is, they've always been out to get you. What's different is that, now you're aware of it.

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Given that they're based in Canada, which is in the Five Eyes, I see no reason to treat this company as any less potentially compromised than one based in Cheltenham, 100 yards from GCHQ, with whom they share a postbox, milkman and lots of curious WiFi interference.

How does using this repackaged Linux distro provide anything other than a sense of false security?

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