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Amiga & AROS

Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the imminent availability of "AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition" for all supported platforms.

AmigaOS 4.1 was released in September of 2008 and has seen no less than 6 free major updates and at least 88 smaller updates released through AmiUpdate.

Aside from being a rollup of all previous updates, this release also brings a bunch of improvements and fixes of its own, so it's a worthwhile update for all AmigaOS 4.x users.

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PPC accelerators
by Sauron on Thu 6th Nov 2014 15:37 UTC
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As Amiga OS 4 only runs on PPC it would be really nice to see a new PPC accelerator for classic Amiga's. The existing Cyberstorm and Blizzard accelerators for big box and A1200 Amiga's are so expensive to purchase when you even get the chance that it negates getting one for most people.
A-EON are releasing a new sound card for classic Amiga, it would be a real treat if they worked on a new RTG card and PPC accelerator next. WinUAE now has support for PPC and will run OS 4, but it would be so nicer to be able to run it on real classic hardware. ;)

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RE: PPC accelerators
by zima on Mon 10th Nov 2014 13:02 UTC in reply to "PPC accelerators"
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WinUAE now has support for PPC and will run OS 4

Does it run MorphOS too?

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by uridium on Thu 6th Nov 2014 20:34 UTC
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That's nifty. Will make re-installs a lot less painless. Wonder what the cost will be .. still worth it so good on em. ;)

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Most important thing: excelent price!!
by sergio on Thu 6th Nov 2014 20:46 UTC
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It's 30 euros only... ;)

Count me in. ;)

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by Plexus on Sat 8th Nov 2014 15:41 UTC
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Count me in too!
This is exactly what my AmigaOne X1000 needs for christmas time and 2015

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RE: Yeaah!
by Yasu on Sun 9th Nov 2014 11:44 UTC in reply to "Yeaah!"
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I have asked around and still got no answer if X1000 owners have to pay for 4.1 FE as well. It would be odd if they had to since they where promised 4.2 for free.

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