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Linux Most of us know what virtual machines are but for those don't know, virtual machines are the kind of software that allow users to run other operating system within current operating system. It's the favorite for everyone to taste other operating systems without going away from main operating system. In this article I'll show you how to installPicture VM VirtualBox 5.0 in Ubuntu 15.04/14.10/Linux mint Rafaela or other derivatives. Read more
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The worst dpkg tutorial yet!
by on Tue 14th Jul 2015 02:13 UTC
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Is the author of this article really just reaching users how to use dpkg? Why not just double click the package file? Debian and derivatives have long had gdeb or other similar software that allows graphical installation.

The article is so inconsequential, that I can't help question the author's motives for writing it.

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Er, I've no idea why this is on OSnews
by rklrkl on Tue 14th Jul 2015 06:53 UTC
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It's very strange that OSnews is linking to this article because it has an utterly pointless existence on the Web. It is basically saying "to install VirtualBox, you download it from the VirtualBox Web site and run an install command". Even Windows users know how to do this, so quite why Linux Mint users need hand-holding to such a basic level is beyond me.

I really doubt that Thom would ever link to such a trivial and lightweight article as this...

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Morgan Member since:

It's from that same website the earlier "Five best Linux DEs" article was from, and submitted by the same person, "MohdSohail" (who just joined OSNews in March of this year, and has no comment history). I have a feeling the submitter has a vested interest in grabbing eyeballs for his atrocious and content-negative clickbait site.

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The easy way
by Soulbender on Tue 14th Jul 2015 07:17 UTC
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1. Download .deb
2. Double-click it.

The articles aren't exactly blowing my mind with their awesomeness.

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Comment by Sodki
by Sodki on Tue 14th Jul 2015 21:52 UTC
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Really not a good article. Apart from what's been said here, it doesn't install the repo, which means no updates. Just link to the official VirtualBox website, the installation docs for GNU/Linux are so much better and complete than this.

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