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The recent update to NetHack has been eagerly awaited by fans of that game for the last thirteen years. This shadowy group behind the update, known by fans simply as DevTeam, can be very tight-lipped about what they're up to. The community has generally viewed them with a sort of worshipful awe as they have slowly added new depth and sophistication to the game with each iteration. (A popular catchphrase is TDTTOE, or "The DevTeam Thinks of Everything.")

The release of the update seemed like a great time to talk to the developers of this beloved title, about the past and future of the game, and the devotion of the fan community that makes its ongoing development possible.

I've only ever played NetHack a few times, but I'm definitely aware of its status. Fascinating to see it has such a peculiar development.

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Few games like this one
by Dasher42 on Tue 19th Apr 2016 18:18 UTC
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There are few games with decades of work under them and so much thought into their gameplay that TDTTOE (the Dev Team Thought of Everything) is a thing.

Nethack's truly one of the greats. Playing on a public server where the bones of other's adventurers can be found can be really fun. Here:

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I liked Moria and Hunt the Wumpus
by kriston on Wed 20th Apr 2016 15:27 UTC
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I liked Moria and Hunt the Wumpus, myself.

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