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Earlier this month we took a look at ARM’s new Mali-G71 GPU. Based on the company's equally new Bifrost architecture, Mali-G71 marks a significant architectural change for the Mali family, incorporating a modern thread level parallelism (TLP) centric execution design. The Mali GPU is in turn the heart of ARM’s graphics product stack - what ARM calls their Mali Multimedia Suite - but in practice it is not a complete graphics and display solution on its own.

As part of their IP development process and to allow SoC integrators to mix and match different blocks, the Mali GPU is only the compute/rendering portion of the graphics stack; the display controller and video encode/decode processor are separate. Splitting up these blocks in this fashion gives ARM's customers some additional flexibility, allowing something like Mali-G71 to be mixed with other existing controllers (be it ARM or otherwise), but at the same time these parts aren't wholly divorced within ARM. Even though they’re separate products, ARM likes to update all of the parts of their graphics stack in relative lockstep. To that end, with the Mali GPU core update behind them, this week ARM is announcing an updated video processor, codenamed Egil, to replace the current Mali-V550 processor.

AnandTech takes a first look at what's coming.

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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Fri 17th Jun 2016 09:07 UTC
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Why is it that I misread that as 'ARM announces Mega Evil video processor'? ;)

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RE: Comment by Kroc
by Kochise on Fri 17th Jun 2016 11:43 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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Thought mostly the same ;)

ARM, don't be evil, release your specs, let us create our own drivers...

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full VP9 and HEVC support
by mistersoft on Fri 17th Jun 2016 13:19 UTC
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re Egil, pretty impressive that it has full hardware encode/decode for both VP9 AND HEVC @ 10bit too

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If only the drivers weren't terrible.
by FlyingJester on Fri 17th Jun 2016 22:27 UTC
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I can't really get excited for new ARM GPUs when the drivers are of such abysmal quality.

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