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Games Computing old timers remember a world where computer games were decidedly lo fi. Linux Links has a list of the 21 best open source ASCII games, with screenshots and descriptions, for your nostalgic pleasure.
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0verkill and AlphaMan
by Sodki on Mon 29th Aug 2016 20:34 UTC
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0verkill is one of my favourite ASCII games. I've hosted a few tournaments and it's always funny, specially when you start adding bots.

As for RPGs, I fondly remember playing a lot of AlphaMan on DOS. There was a lot of humour, superhuman powers and various items to keep you entertained forever, basically. And it was approachable as well. Definitely recommend giving it a go.

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by kysmet4e on Tue 30th Aug 2016 00:11 UTC
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Hello. I've never played 0verkill, but I am sure it's a great game. Gotta check it now. THanks ;)

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by Milo_Hoffman on Tue 30th Aug 2016 01:59 UTC
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Missing so many greats. Some of these got me through college back in the VAX VMS days too.

- Trek/NetTrek - awesome
- ATC - excellent
- Moria - set the standard after Rogue, Angband which they mentioned is also good and a decendent of Moria.
- gomoku - playing go in a terminal was fun and not boring like most board games
- hunt - multiplayer on terms
- phantasia - great story inside the adventure

Many of these are often found in the BSDGames package in most distros.

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Online text games
by Alfman on Tue 30th Aug 2016 04:22 UTC
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I remember playing "door" games for BBS systems, they were all ansi text. Trade wars was one I remember best. I enjoyed that it was multiplayer and that we could play on teams. The world was persistent and each day you could build up your bases and expand your territory. I thought it was pretty neat back in the day.

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RE: Online text games
by theTSF on Tue 30th Aug 2016 12:33 UTC in reply to "Online text games"
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The list that I have seen seems like the Text games that were on the author's software list as a kid. However it seems to be missing quite a few. Door Games should be on the list, as well Muds (some were visual such as MajorMud) Also way to many of them listed were Rogue Clones (Including NetHack)

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by watkin5 on Tue 30th Aug 2016 11:52 UTC
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I enjoy playing nethack on my work's Windows phone. (Using ssh to my home pc.)

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