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But now, seven years later, Lenovo is introducing a new take on the tablet computer. No, Lenovo didn't make a Courier, but its new Yoga Book might inspire the same reactions. It's about the size and shape of a hardcover children's book, has two panels attached by a hinge, and can be used with your fingers or with its included pen. It even does some tricks with the pen that we've never seen before, like letting you write with real ink and have it all digitized. Lenovo didn't set out to build just another tablet with the Yoga Book - it wanted to make something that was better for getting work done than what is already out there.

But in the process, it made a computer that's both futuristic and relatable at the same time, just like the original Courier concept. I wanted to use the Yoga Book from the first time I laid eyes on it, and if you're anything like me, you will, too. And unlike the Courier, you will actually be able to buy the Yoga Book.

I have no idea how practical and usable the device will be, but I have to admit it looks really nice and futuristic, without being over the top. I'm definitely going to play with both the Android and Windows versions, because at €499, this isn't expensive.

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Comment by ssokolow
by ssokolow on Thu 1st Sep 2016 00:25 UTC
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While not my niche, it's definitely an impressive idea.

(I'm more a Surface Pro kind of guy since my issue with tablets and smartphones has always been the lack of a physical keyboard.)

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Foldable, touchscreen laptop
by on Thu 1st Sep 2016 03:13 UTC
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It just looks like a foldable, touchscreen laptop to me. I have a Lenovo Ultrabook with a touchscreen, and must admit that the touchscreen is more of a hindrance then a feature. The multitouch track pad makes the touchscreen obsolete, since the track pad is closer to my hands (when they're on the keyboard), allows all the same gestures, and the touchscreen is a pain whenever I need to point to something on the screen.

In my opinion, this solves a problem for people that got the wrong tool for the job. Tablets are not laptops, and this tablet just made them into one. Or more exactly, it made them into a nice netbook... remember those?

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RE: Foldable, touchscreen laptop
by jal_ on Thu 1st Sep 2016 10:31 UTC in reply to "Foldable, touchscreen laptop"
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I do remember the netbook, and still own one that I semi-regularly use (holidays etc.). I love them, even if they're a bit underpowered.

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avgalen Member since:

I also don't get the hate for netbooks. Maybe because I bought the right one back then? (Asus EEEPC 1005)
300 Euro, 10 uur batterij, alleen die rare "net geen 1024-768 resolutie" ;)

Dit ding lijkt me overigens HEEL erg niche en zeker geen vervanging van een tablet. Wel de complexiteit van een pc, niet het lekker typende toetsenbord.

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jal_ Member since:

Yeah, the low resolution is the only downside, some settings boxes don't fully display etc. But I still prefer a netbook on the go as opposed to a fully fledged laptop (let alone a tablet).

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lenovo yoga reinventing ibm trans note
by janis on Thu 1st Sep 2016 06:03 UTC
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for sure they say, that this is reinvention,
but for me this is another try to blend note/book and computer once again.

for me this is back to the future
proud owner of ibm transnote

and specs are crazy from today stand point

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OK, but.
by quackalist on Thu 1st Sep 2016 17:27 UTC
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Seems a good idea for note taking and such but 450 Euro strikes me as expensive for what it is. mind, most everything does to me.

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I Like It
by Pro-Competition on Thu 1st Sep 2016 18:51 UTC
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I may be in the minority, but this is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for (for decades). I want the stylus input, and I like that it folds all the way back.

I'm not sure about Android, but of the current options out there, it's probably the best. (I am sure about Windows 10 - no way for me!) It would be really nice if it could be re-flashed with another OS, but that's probably not an option, especially considering the specialized hardware.

I will definitely take a serious look at this in a store. (I need to try it hands-on.)

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RE: I Like It
by darknexus on Thu 1st Sep 2016 19:57 UTC in reply to "I Like It"
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Yeah, having used Windows 10 in tablet mode, I'd agree with you. Android at least is designed to be used on a tablet. Windows 10's pitiful attempt at it is utter rubbish, especially when you consider that the applications you'll be running aren't even designed for it and probably never will be. It reminds me of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition all over again, with a dose of telemetry added to make it even more unappealing.

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Not exactly a rewrite
by Finalzone on Thu 1st Sep 2016 22:13 UTC
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Comment by bnolsen
by bnolsen on Thu 1st Sep 2016 22:13 UTC
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Almost looks like a really big nintendo DS. Just needs those capacitive thumb controls and somehow wire in some shoulder triggers.

Actually until I looked closer I was hoping the "keyboard" section of the screen was actually just another touchscreen. Instead its just a non tactile crappy keyboard.

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Want, maybe...
by Trenien on Fri 2nd Sep 2016 08:51 UTC
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I've wanted something like that forever (to the point of drooling on the Courier project despite it being Microsoft, which I despise).
That said, I'm not completely convinced for a couple of reasons :
- One of the main selling point would be the ability to OCR my handwritten notes. There is no mention of that capability (and windows10 isn't an option)
- although potentially nice for a student, the form factor isn't ideal for me. I'd much rather have something around B6 size: small enough to put in my satchel (which couldn't accomodate this), and big enough to write confortably on.

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