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It's taken a while, but Visopsys 0.8 has been released. The GUI appearance has been updated, the infamous icons have all been replaced, and touch support has been added. There are a few new utilities, and in addition to all of the usual under-the-bonnet improvements, they've added OHCI (USB 1) support, completing the set of USB host controller drivers. There's a full changelog is and new screenshots.

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Absolutely gorgeous!
by judgen on Mon 19th Sep 2016 15:57 UTC
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I love the new look of the UI, finally someone who is not afraid of going outside the whole "flat is fine" fad.

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Happy me :)
by chamel on Tue 20th Sep 2016 07:57 UTC
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I honestly admire creator of visopsys for his work, please, continue.

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Wow. Just wow.
by crhylove on Wed 21st Sep 2016 06:58 UTC
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This guy is amazing! Good work internet friend!

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