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The pre-release version of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update #1 is an official update to AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition released by Hyperion Entertainment in 2014. It is the combined result of many many years of effort by the core AmigaOS developers, translators and beta testers and includes a number of bug fixes and updates to the original AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition release.

The naming and versioning system could use some work.

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The versioning has always been... different.
by leech on Thu 1st Dec 2016 08:02 UTC
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Amiga land's versions have always been kind of odd.

Like you'll see the Workbench version for OS 3.9 be something like 45.23. Then you throw in the Boing Bags, and it ups that, then they have a separate version for the kickstart, which for the most part is permanently stuck at 3.1, but is overwritten by software roms by OS 3.9...

Kind of surprised that OS4 didn't continue the tradition with Boing Bags. But instead do weird things like 'Final Edition!' which I always thought 'well okay.. they're dropping support.' I think what it actually means is "this is the Final Edition for what they're going to press to CD/DVD, everything else will just be an update.

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So it should be numbered...
by avgalen on Thu 1st Dec 2016 09:52 UTC
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2010-09-23 now and 4.1.1 when it is finished?
4.1.0.pre1 now and 4.1.1 when it is finished?
4.1.1.pre1 now and 4.1.1 when it is finished?

I always liked the Linux way: 2.0.x for stable, 2.1.y for testing and eventually 2.2.z for stable again.
The current way of version numbering in Windows 10 is also quite nice with 10.0.majorupdate.patchlevel (where majorupdate changes rapidly for Insider Previews)

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by kurkosdr on Thu 1st Dec 2016 10:16 UTC
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Which kind of doofus names a piece of software "Final Edition"? You might as well as name it "EOL'ed" or name a piece of hardware "Warranty Expires On Purchase".

When I heard the name, I honestly thought Hyperion was wrapping up development work for another 10 years or so before I saw the comment above, because considering this is Amigaland and the audience isn't too big, it wouldn't be unusual.

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RE: Re:
by robertojdohnert on Fri 2nd Dec 2016 03:25 UTC in reply to "Re:"
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Thats what I said at the time of the announcement. Kind of an odd naming convention. Here is an idea, 4.2.

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RE[2]: Re:
by graffias79 on Fri 2nd Dec 2016 16:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Re:"
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They are working on 4.2. Final Edition refers to the final edition of 4.1.

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Final Edition
by filmamigo on Thu 1st Dec 2016 14:19 UTC
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Agree that Final Edition is the worst name ever.

I always assumed that it wasn't the final edition, but that Hyperion were bound by the Byzantine history and agreements that govern the use of Amiga trademarks and code base.

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