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I figured, for this and future posts I have planned about MSX, that I wanted an MSX font face. I browsed the web a bit for one and found nothing that I liked. So decided to create one.

I'm pretty sure I'll be violating someone's copyright here, because I won't be making an MSX-inspired 8-bit looking font. I am going to build THE EXACT FONT that the MSX 1.0 I grew up with had. I just hope the copyright owner will let this pass, given how "valuable" this font is nowadays and that I won't be making a cent from this. If he or she is not OK, though, I'll comply with their request.

I used an MSX a lot when I was a kid. Great machine for BASIC.

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Slightly fixed
by henderson101 on Fri 16th Dec 2016 09:05 UTC
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Well, at least the site is slightly more working than when I saw it on Hacker News earlier in the week. The section with the text entry only works with the first font, switching goes to a built in font... when I tried it before it totally used whatever font it uses second for both.

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