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Amiga & AROS

The SDK Browser provides any Amiga Programmer a quick reference tool into the live AmigaOS4 SDK (Development Tools) installation on your AmigaONE, via a 100% graphical (GUI) based tool.

It can help you find the format (prototype) for any AmigaOS4 system call as well as lookup a specific structure reference, method, tag item, what-have-you, quicker than any other tool. Or, you can simply use it as a great way to wander through the AmigaOS4 development documentation (AutoDocs, Includes, etc.) to learn more about how to program for this great machine and its powerful operating system. There is a great deal of (largely untapped) power available with the "standard" OS if you only know where to look.

As always, the Amiga community never ceases to amaze me. The first update to this handy tool for AmigaOS developers in ten years.

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Great Tool
by daedalus on Thu 15th Dec 2016 08:58 UTC
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I've been using the previous version for many years now attached to a hotkey so I can call it up whenever I need it. It's a great bit of software!

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New software coming
by Sauron on Thu 15th Dec 2016 19:24 UTC
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Things are quite lively on the Amiga software front lately.
There is this, an update to iBrowse has been mentioned, (which would be fantastic and been long awaited), and Final Writer has been updated and is running on Aros now. OS3.x and OS4 versions are being readied for release right now.
The future looks bright, specially with the Vampire and other hardware appearing on the scene. ;)

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Cool, but a bit limited.
by tidux on Thu 15th Dec 2016 22:48 UTC
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Now if only OS4 or MorphOS got SMP it might actually be worth buying the X1000.

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