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The next version of Google's smartwatch operating system is slated to arrive on February 9th, according to mobile reporter Evan Blass. The leak follows last week's report that Google had notified developers of Android Wear 2.0's upcoming release so they could prepare to update apps for continued support.

I'm sure all three Android Wear users are jumping up and down with excitement.

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Is there a single...
by hardcode57 on Wed 18th Jan 2017 02:26 UTC
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... use case for a smartwatch other than
1. to show it to your friends because they all have cars as good as yours
2. to give as an expensive present to someone who you neither know well nor like very much.


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RE: Is there a single...
by Auzy on Wed 18th Jan 2017 03:20 UTC in reply to "Is there a single..."
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I use it for fitness..

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RE[2]: Is there a single...
by leech on Wed 18th Jan 2017 04:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Is there a single..."
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Granted, I have the Gear S2 Classic 4G.

1) Fitness. New update has all sorts of cool auto-detecting what type of exercise you're doing.
2) Notifications. Yes, there are many times when I'm in a situation where pulling out my phone is a hassle.
3) Telling time. Amazed? Yup, it tells time, and I can show multiple timezones, which is great for an international company.
4) Reply to texts / answer calls. I can actually have my watch completely separate from my phone, which is great (granted that's because I got the 4G version).
5) Meetings. I have a terrible tendency to miss them, I mainly bought my watch to get buzzed for reminders.
6) VR. Yup, that's right, in my HTC Vive I'm completely in a different world, but with the watch when I get a call or notification, I can feel it vibrate on my wrist, and then I can take a peek at it.

There ya go, 6 reasons to get one.

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RE: Is there a single...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 18th Jan 2017 14:51 UTC in reply to "Is there a single..."
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1) Notification screening.

With a quick glance I can diagnose what my phone is trying to tell me without grabbing it out of a pocket, unlocking it, and then clicking on the notification

2) Silent alarms. The vibration alarm allows me to be notified and I can quickly dismiss it in a situation where silencing a loud or even vibrating phone would be distracting.

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RE: Is there a single...
by dabear on Wed 18th Jan 2017 15:35 UTC in reply to "Is there a single..."
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I use my sony smartwatch 3 to scan my freestyle libre glucose sensor, sending those data automatically to the cloud every 5 minutes ;)

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Bill Shooter of Bul
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I really hope batter tech improves to give people the shiny thing on the wrist, because there seems to be more support for that than the glorious mono colored pebble had. I just want a watch that shows the time, provides notifications, without having to charge it every night.

And then it needs some other killer app that apparently no existing smart watch has so other people will buy and the manufacturer can stay in business.

So Thom what will it take for you to buy a smart watch? Does it have to run PalmOS, BeOS, or webOS? I've got connections, I can pass that up the chain to some one with no decision making power at a company or two that will laugh appropriately as I subtly hint that my suggestions are the will of the people.

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Deep Thoughts
by fretinator on Wed 18th Jan 2017 21:26 UTC
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1. Please stop with the "only idiots wear these" lines of thought. If you don't want one, move on. I love them, having used Pebble until its demise, and now enjoying my Asus ZenWatch 2.

2. My ZenWatch can already connect directly to Wifi, and you can use this for email, youtube, etc. However, installing apps still uses the phone, and is actually very clunky. I liked the way the Pebble apps were in there own store. By having Wear apps blended in with the regular Android apps it creates a mess. I would also like more control of actions, so I can say, This is the Weather App, the Fitness App, the Sleep app, etc. The Zen Watch 2 and 3 are on the list of supported watches for Android Wear 2.0, so I hope to see some improvement in usability.

3. As for why this "idiot" likes smartwatches - I like dismissing or replying to messages on my watch. This is especially good in meetings or other environments where checking your phone is not advised.'s fun! Believe it or not, some tech purchases are for fun. If I only bought what I actually needed...shudder the thought!

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RE: Deep Thoughts
by hardcode57 on Wed 18th Jan 2017 22:39 UTC in reply to "Deep Thoughts"
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I was, perhaps, indulging in a little light trolling :-)

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RE[2]: Deep Thoughts
by leech on Thu 19th Jan 2017 16:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Deep Thoughts"
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Somehow I think your entire arm is covered in smart watches. Then you just plug each one to charge while still there.

Now that I think about it, you would look like an android doing that. ;)

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