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VMS Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the production release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L1 for the Alpha hardware platform, including Alphas running on x86-based emulators. This OpenVMS Alpha version is based on, and inherits the benefits of, the latest version of VSI OpenVMS Integrity V8.4-2L1, released in September 2016.

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Attn. NorthWay: I got a detail wrong
by gus3 on Tue 31st Jan 2017 03:08 UTC
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In my earlier reply to you about the VMS filesystem, I called it Tops-10. That was an early PDP-10 OS, not a filesystem. My mistake. The filesystem I was thinking of was called Files-11. (Easy mistake for me to make.)

And given that the original context was Windows NT features copied from VMS, I just spotted another one: the time counter is based on 100-nanosecond intervals since some epoch. For VMS the epoch is 1858-11-17; for Windows NT it's 1601-01-01.

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Later versions of the OS used a daemon called F11ACP2.

Oh the memories of writing device drivers for VMS especially the TSU05 and watching a 2400ft magtape unwind itself at 100ips. The tape was made with no EOT marker.

As the Pink Floyd song goes,

"The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime."

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Today's Windows is more like VMS than most people think.

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