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Amiga & AROS

AmiKit 9 Reloaded has been released for the Mac.

Now it is super fast because it uses the latest WinUAE emulator running on Wine. This concept, paradoxically, is much faster and actually more stable than the previous E-UAE edition. ‚Äč

AmiKit 9 for Mac also includes the Rabbit Hole which allows you to launch Mac apps from AmiKit desktop! You can also open Amiga files with your favourite Mac apps!

AmiKit is basically a pre-configured AmigaOS environment that runs inside *UAE, but you do have to supply your own OS and ROM files.

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Comment by tidux
by tidux on Mon 30th Jan 2017 22:31 UTC
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Since it's UAE, you should be able to use 68k AROS Kickstart and Workbench files, which are Free Software.

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RE: Comment by tidux
by Sauron on Tue 31st Jan 2017 05:47 UTC in reply to "Comment by tidux"
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You can, but why bother when the Amiga Forever package is available at little cost? By using the genuine Kickstart ROM and Workbench you are also removing any chance of incompatibilities and general messing about!
Plus if you purchase this you are supporting further Amiga development.
I think most Amiga users/fans already have the Amiga Forever package anyway, it just makes sense.

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RE[2]: Comment by tidux
by henderson101 on Wed 1st Feb 2017 09:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by tidux"
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You also only really need to buy the package once to emulate the classic AmigaOS versions, as they aren't exactly moving targets. I had/had a copy from the mid 2000's - it's in storage somewhere - if I can find it, I can easily get this to work with the ROMs and Workbench disk images in that package.

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