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Augustin Cavalier (also known as Waddlesplash) was a guest on The Lunduke Hour, where he explains a lot about what's been going on with the Haiku project for the last couple of years, and why it's been so long from Alpha 4 to the upcoming Beta 1.

Cavalier goes into Haiku's rather unique package management system, progress on the application front, and tons of other things. Definitely worth a listen.

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Great Interview
by QuadSix50 on Wed 8th Feb 2017 19:49 UTC
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A very enjoyable interview. I'm running a Haiku nightly installation on a Dell OptiPlex GX620 and it runs like a champ (I'm running the x86 image on it, but I do plan to install the x86_64 image on newer hardware). Granted, software is lacking (especially compared to Linux or BSDs), but the system as a whole is getting there. I like that they finally have a package management system available, especially from the terminal. I update to new nightly releases with a simple "pkgman update" and a reboot afterwards.

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RE: Great Interview
by LaceySnr on Wed 8th Feb 2017 23:02 UTC in reply to "Great Interview"
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Yup, I think that package management came very close to derailing the project as a whole, but with hindsight I think it's safe to say the OS is far better for it.

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RE[2]: Great Interview
by tidux on Thu 9th Feb 2017 00:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Great Interview"
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Oh it absolutely is. You can actually point the package manager to follow current instead of a particular hrev, and get the OS to update itself!

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RE[3]: Great Interview
by QuadSix50 on Thu 9th Feb 2017 15:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great Interview"
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Yes, that's exactly what I did, though I did fail to mention that. There's a how-to page on Haiku's website dedicated to doing this which I followed.

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