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Source for an experimental 64-bit Plan 9 kernel, and supporting software. It features a revised memory-management system, MCS spin locks, and other changes to system data structures to support full 64-bit addressing. Changes to the scheduler are also planned, to improve support for multicore. Currently it supports AMD64 (x86-64, Intel 64), although parts have run on other platforms.

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Such a beautiful operating system
by MacMan on Sat 10th Jun 2017 16:14 UTC
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Just wish I wasn't under such a pressure to publish that I would have time to use Plan9 more.

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A project comes to mind
by fretinator on Mon 12th Jun 2017 13:18 UTC
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Buy one of the cases that lets you stack the PI's - 4 should do. Create a Plan9 cluster you can carry with you. Why, you ask? 'Cause.

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blue gene
by kamil_chatrnuch on Mon 12th Jun 2017 13:40 UTC
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wasn't it already running on the (64bit) ibm blue gene supercomputer?

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RE: blue gene
by ameasures on Mon 12th Jun 2017 14:15 UTC in reply to "blue gene"
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wasn't it already running on the (64bit) ibm blue gene supercomputer?

From having gone around a few Plan9 web resources: the Plan9 world is like the BSD world with more variants and far fewer users. Please accept that is not an insult to either grouping.

The whole distributed mindset rather makes me wish this had been more popular; though BEAM/ Erlang/ Elixir make some of this available at a different level. It would be interesting to see the two approaches compared and contrasted.

Full 64bit support is pretty much an essential for such any OS to roll forward from here, so that is a good sign.

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