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Players will have the chance to explore Assassin's Creed Origins' virtual Egypt free of combat and story constraints in a new "Discovery Tour" gamemode, developer-publisher Ubisoft announced today.

Discovery Tour turns Origins' map, as the company puts it, into a "combat-free living museum, with guided tours that let players delve into its history firsthand." Given the lengths Ubisoft went to creating a large-scale as-accurate-as-possible map of the country, hiring historians and Egyptologists as consultants, this is a chance for the developer to showcase its map and the functioning virtual world it's created, rather than it simply existing as a backdrop for action.

This is a great move, as it turns what is normally 'just' a game into a tool that can be used for education and learning, or something more casual as just walking around in a beautiful environment without having to worry about being attacked or killed or whatever.

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Great Idea
by Earl C Pottinger on Thu 5th Oct 2017 18:22 UTC
Earl C Pottinger
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I am *NOT* a gamer, I find the games themselves boring to watch someone else play, and I am terrible playing the games - I always get killed fast.

But if the game has the details the article says I think I would find it interesting to do tours of sights to be seen.

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RE: Great Idea
by ilovebeer on Fri 6th Oct 2017 14:33 UTC in reply to "Great Idea"
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Being able to explore different places and points in history in a way that's awesome is one of the main reasons I really really hope VR succeeds in a major way.

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RE[2]: Great Idea
by zima on Sat 7th Oct 2017 17:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Great Idea"
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From the uptake so far, it might very well fail ...again (because it's not the first time that VR is supposed to revolutionise things; maybe it's just way too early, with current attempts mostly good at giving people headaches, and only Matrix/eXistenZ/Caprica-like tech will become big)

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Excellent news
by benoitb on Fri 6th Oct 2017 07:07 UTC
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It would be excellent if they could also add that to the older titles.

Especialy Assassin's Creed 2 for the italian Renaissance and Unity for the parisian Revolution.

I have wandered in the towns of these games for the pleasure of contemplation and historical recreation more than for the gaming itself.

These games make a job so much better than any serious historical software at recreating the architecture and a matching ambiance.

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