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Assembler/C-Script/Lisp 64 bit OS. MIMD, multi CPU, multi threaded, multi core, multi user.

Runs on OSX or Linux for x64, PI64 Linux for Aarch64. Will move to bare metal eventually but it's useful for now to run hosted while experimenting. When time allows I will be doing a VM boot image for UniKernel type appliances and a WebAssembly target to play around within the browser.

Allows modelling of various network topologies with point to point links. Each CPU in the network is modelled as a separate host process, point to point links use shared memory to simulate CPU to CPU, point to point, bi directional connections. There is no global bus based networking on purpose.

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Just a thought
by ameasures on Sun 15th Oct 2017 20:31 UTC
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For a a while I have wondered about having a DSL (Domain Specific Language) that defined the hardware specification of devices so that each of these minority operating systems could (almost) generate a device driver from the DSL definition.

In this way; minority operating systems would have a better shot at broader hardware support. Heck of a lot of co-operation and collaboration required, so .... no problem there then.

The alternative is for all usable operating systems to be hosted by an underlying operating system with the features of virtualbox/ vmware; and device drivers for all hardware cards. The usable operating systems would then need to only know about a minimum set of cards that will be emulated by the underlying os.

Perhaps we are already seeing a split between the two groups of operating systems. Curiously recent version of OS X seem to have much of the hosting capabilities of an underlying OS built into the kernel.

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v Jual Bibit Durian
by halloyahya on Sun 15th Oct 2017 22:16 UTC