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AMD reported its fourth quarter and full year results for 2017 yesterday evening. The company's financial results are easily the best its posted in five years and arguably some of the best results we've seen in a decade (this last needs a bit of unpacking, but we'll get to that).

And fully deserved, too, despite the somewhat overly adulatory attitude many seem to have towards AMD.

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good thing.
by bnolsen on Thu 1st Feb 2018 01:12 UTC
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I, for one, am very happy to see this. I'd like to see what they do with ryzen2 as it should be much more refined than ryzen with some of the low hanging bottlenecks dealt with.

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RE: good thing.
by Gargyle on Fri 2nd Feb 2018 09:00 UTC in reply to "good thing."
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I'd like to see what they do with ryzen2 as it should be much more refined than ryzen with some of the low hanging bottlenecks dealt with.

Are you talking about Zen+ which will come out 2018Q2 at (GF)12nm, or are you talking about Zen2 which will come out early 2019 expectedly and should be manufactured at 7nm?

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could top intel, if....
by codifies on Thu 1st Feb 2018 01:26 UTC
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get rid of spectre and friends rid them selves of the "security" co-processor back door, and AMD would see a surge in their profits...

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Improve your product, improve your sales
by avgalen on Thu 1st Feb 2018 09:54 UTC
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It is so nice to say AMD actually being rewarded for the hard work they have put in for both improving their product and improving their organization so they can immediately benefit.

Intel is a behemoth that is being attacked from all sides now. So far Intel has always shown that in such situations they step up their game but it doesn't look like they are able to do that. The last 5 years they have only very gradually improved their performance while reducing power-consumption (to compete with ARM) and they still didn't succeed in keeping ARM out of pc's and completely failed at getting into mobile themselves. Now AMD has caught up performance-wise and it will be consumers that will benefit with more choice, lower prices and better products.

A great example of competition benefitting the market (despite only having a few big players and quite a lot of unfair behavior)

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Sodki Member since:

... if you can actually buy their products. I really want to support AMD so I only by AMD CPUs, but for months now I've been trying to buy a Vega 64 card and I've been unable to. Everything is out of stock. You can't just blame coin miners for that.

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v Is AMD a big deal to Intel ??
by user78 on Thu 1st Feb 2018 23:09 UTC
RE: Is AMD a big deal to Intel ??
by zima on Sat 3rd Feb 2018 23:42 UTC in reply to "Is AMD a big deal to Intel ??"
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Nvidia and AMD only can supply the gpu parts but unlikely to match the level Intel and ARM is current at

So I guess you didn't even notice that Nvidia is an ARM licensee, or quite succesfull AMD Ryzen chips...

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