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So this is supposed to be a review of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, a tablet that was designed explicitly and exclusively for the education market. Acer and Google say teachers really wanted a tablet form factor for the classroom, and they really don't want to have to figure out how to manage an entirely new operating system when they're already all in on Chrome OS. And so here it is, finally: an honest-to-goodness Chrome OS tablet.

Keep this article in mind when you read the next item I'm about to post.

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Not ready
by nicubunu on Fri 20th Jul 2018 06:19 UTC
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Funny how the review about the software not being ready starts by talking about how crappy the hardware is... of course if the hardware is poor, the software experience will be poor.
From the review I get the impression a tablet with Chrome OS would be, *for my use case*, a better experience than Android. Of course, for my use case a full Linux desktop would be better. Speaking of that, I just installed a full Linux desktop (Fedora with MATE) on a 2in1 form factor device, and know what I'm talking.

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RE: Not ready
by xeoron on Sun 22nd Jul 2018 06:30 UTC in reply to "Not ready"
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Using a low end CB is of course going to give you a bad experience. Many mid range to high end Chromebooks will give you something completely different. For instance, the Pixelbook Chromebook convertible tablet/laptop is faster than you ever would need, more space then you would use, runs Crouton so you can side-load Linux Distros, runs Android apps and makes for a great device to use. And, most Android apps work fine while there is also experimental support for containers. You will have more freedom if it is not linked to Gsuite for Business/Edu unless things are turned on or not blocked such as access to the Play Store, incognito mode, adding extensions, change dev channel, allowing access to deeper settings such as the terminal.

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