Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 8th Aug 2018 22:17 UTC
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If you deem your new smartwatch the most futuristic piece of technology around, better you have a look at this strange thing dating back to the good old Eighties. It's the UC-2000, a wristwatch wearable computer introduced in 1984 by well-known Japanese tech company and watchmaker Seiko.

I love these things. They're not exactly pretty, but its designers and engineers must've worked within some insane limitations.

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Seems familiar
by Drunkula on Thu 9th Aug 2018 12:10 UTC
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I seem to recall seeing these before (in very limited quantities) at the Glendale (CA) Galleria. Pretty neat for the time.

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I was Country
by JLF65 on Thu 9th Aug 2018 14:02 UTC
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I got a Texas Instruments eZ430 Chronos many years back. It's a nice watch, but who uses watches anymore? I've got a smart phone.

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