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If you have a newer Wear OS watch, sometime in the coming month, you'll get a software update that will change what happens when you swipe on your watchface. Alongside the new UI, Google is also adding a new feed of information from Google Assistant, faster access to Google Fit, and a more information-dense view of your notifications.

At least this means Wear OS isn't dead - which is good news, because it really felt like Google was sunsetting the whole project.

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Comment by kurkosdr
by kurkosdr on Thu 30th Aug 2018 18:18 UTC
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Let's hope Qualcomm or some other ARM vendor follows suit. Whatever the case, glad to know the Smartwatch form-factor isn't dead. I have a 2nd gen Moto 360 and having an entire computer on your wrist is very cool from a nerdy perspective, and Google has done lots of work to make the interface usable, but they need to make the whole OS more normie-friendly if the form-factor is to survive commercially. Basically, give non-nerds a killer-app that will make them buy one.

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