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Does anyone remember our articles regarding unscrupulous benchmark behavior back in 2013? At the time we called the industry out on the fact that most vendors were increasing thermal and power limits to boost their scores in common benchmark software. Fast forward to 2018, and it is happening again.

Companies lie. They lie all the time. As with anything related to performance measuring and comparisons - wait for trusted third party benchmarks from places like AnandTech and GamersNexus. Company-provided figures are almost always anything from unrealistic best-case scenarios at best, or downright lies at worst.

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Missing the source link?
by Morgan on Mon 10th Sep 2018 22:16 UTC
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Edit: Already fixed.

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Hm, not always lying.
by zima on Thu 13th Sep 2018 23:45 UTC
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The performance rating given by AMD to Athlons XP was, if anything, quite conservative...

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