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KDE has released Plasma 5.14 desktop.

A lot of work has gone into improving Discover, Plasma's software manager, and, among other things, we have added a Firmware Update feature and many subtle user interface improvements to give it a smoother feel. We have also rewritten many effects in our window manager KWin and improved it for slicker animations in your work day. Other improvements we have made include a new Display Configuration widget which is useful when giving presentations.

The new release will find its way to your Linux distribution of choice soon enough.

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Comment by emilsedgh
by emilsedgh on Wed 10th Oct 2018 05:05 UTC
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During the 4.0 days you used to cover KDE more extensively Thom.

I would love you to give it another try once and review it for us all as people are giving it a lot of praise.

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RE: Comment by emilsedgh
by grat on Wed 10th Oct 2018 13:44 UTC in reply to "Comment by emilsedgh"
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I would love you to give it another try once and review it for us all as people are giving it a lot of praise.

Not that I'm opposed to Thom reviewing it, but the announcement link in the article provides both live CD and docker images for trying out 5.14, so it's easy enough to test on your own.

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Back to the roots
by Bishi on Wed 10th Oct 2018 08:50 UTC
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Plasma and the KDE team are back to a point where every release brings new UX improvements, a slightly better design, and new power user features. My main work computer runs a Plasma desktop and I love it. This is what the old KDE 3.x was about and I'm glad they managed to turn the ship around while bringing all the architectural and framework improvements they made in the 4.x and early 5.x releases.

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RE: Back to the roots
by kwan_e on Thu 11th Oct 2018 04:39 UTC in reply to "Back to the roots"
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I wonder how having KDE Neon is helping iron things out. One of the rationale for creating KDE Neon was to have consistent environment to test with, rather than relying on distros to implement it properly and completely.

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v Thom is biased.
by cmost on Thu 11th Oct 2018 01:41 UTC
RE: Thom is biased.
by ebasconp on Thu 11th Oct 2018 21:49 UTC in reply to "Thom is biased."
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His house, his rules.

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