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BeOS & Derivatives

In line with the momentum generated by Haiku beta release, several improvements and bug fixes have been done over the past month to applications, servers, drivers, kernel and the build system. Also, the Java port has returned. Read all the details in the More details on Haiku monthly activity report.

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Comment by smashIt
by smashIt on Thu 1st Nov 2018 22:05 UTC
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I think the most important point is that haiku gained a bunch of new contributors thanks to the beta-release.

Which reminds me: I wanted to donate 50€ to them...

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real hardware
by henderson101 on Fri 2nd Nov 2018 19:11 UTC
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I have Haiku running on my old MSI Wind u100, and it runs really well. I think only the sound isn't working (and I'm not really bothered about that.)

It does lack polish, and it does lack a decent IDE. BeIDE was one of my favourite IDE's back in the day, and the offerings there are currently don't really match it unfortunately.

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v Thanks for sharing here.
by Williamastro on Sat 3rd Nov 2018 09:03 UTC