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OS/2 and eComStation IBM today announced the availability of a 'special edition' of SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2. The SciTech System Neutral Access Protocol (SNAP) Graphics for OS/2 IBM Special Edition (a.k.a. SNAP Graphics/SE) is a set of graphic adapter device drivers (GRADD) supporting a variety of chip sets from the leading chip set manufacturers. SNAP Graphics/SE is the new compatible replacement for previous versions of SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2 IBM Special Edition (SDD/SE).
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by on Fri 4th Apr 2003 05:43 UTC
by The Lone OSer on Fri 4th Apr 2003 11:42 UTC

Hardware OpenGL, thats what OS/2 really needs to help it be comparable as an OS again.. that, and a dang huge price drop.

Re: *sigh*
by Ronald on Fri 4th Apr 2003 12:48 UTC

All I want is anti-aliasing under OS/2. ;)

Hardware OpenGL isn't that much needed and IMO the price is ok.

Marketing-speak overload...
by Paul Eggleton on Fri 4th Apr 2003 13:07 UTC

graphic adapter device drivers (GRADD)

You gotta be kidding me...

Acronyms are fun! (AAF)
by Anonymous on Fri 4th Apr 2003 13:40 UTC

This is the worst overuse of acronyms (TITWOOA). I have ever seen in a technology news post (IHESIATNP). Did the poster thing he would look more intelligent? (DTPTHWLMI)

Instead, he ended up looking stupid (IHEULS).

by Eike Hein on Fri 4th Apr 2003 15:16 UTC

Interesting, the name SciTech SNAP popping up all over the place right now. I think an interview would be very nice, OSNews!

Re: Marketing-speak overload...
by Bruno G. Albuquerque on Fri 4th Apr 2003 16:55 UTC

Actually GRADD, under OS/2, specifically refers to the Object-Oriented driver model (as opposed to the standard driver model). It may look like a cheesy acronym for people who do not know that but it is actually a good thing to mention for OS/2 users.

Re: Acronyms are fun!
by Andrew on Fri 4th Apr 2003 19:48 UTC

Wow - as much as I would like to take credit for the cool acronyms;) - the text is from the IBM page announcing the product so please, lets give credit where credit is due.