Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 25th Apr 2003 08:43 UTC, submitted by JLV
QNX Zinzala is an SDK by Jean-Louis Villecroze (BeOS users will remember JLV from his Squirrel interpreter while QNX users probably are already using his apps) designed to take full advantage of modern computers and operating systems, such as QNX. It offers: Object oriented framework (in C++) , multi-threaded, network-ready application, easy inter-application messaging, multi-threaded, message passing, Photon based GUI kit (fully scriptable).
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by Brian Matzon on Fri 25th Apr 2003 10:23 UTC

Oh my - just got a reson to install QNX again ;)
Looking quite nice, *very* BeOS'ish (good thing IMO).

Will the SDK carry a pricetag?

The BeAPI Reloaded.
by Andrew McCall on Fri 25th Apr 2003 12:28 UTC

It looks very heavily influences by the BeAPI - which is good, I was disapointed to learn that QNX & Photon only had a C API.


Re: The BeAPI Reloaded.
by Daniel T. Bender on Fri 25th Apr 2003 12:57 UTC

yeah, definitly BeAPI and definitly a good thing ;)
i successfully installed QNX 6.2.1 NC yesterday and will give it a try during the next weeks.

deja vu
by Chris Herborth on Fri 25th Apr 2003 13:43 UTC

NICE work! It has a lovely, familiar feel...

Almost makes me want to install QNX 6 again... except for the lack of hardware 3D support, and (maybe?) poor support for Ultra ATA modes...

- chrish

3D harware?
by Chris on Fri 25th Apr 2003 14:19 UTC

My Vodoo3 works great...but maybe its only using it for 2d

Re: 3D hardware?
by Richard Fillion on Fri 25th Apr 2003 14:46 UTC

If i remember correctly Glide cards are the only ones with proper 3D support, so it's very possible that you actually DO have 3D supported. But in general, QNX does have poor hardware 3D support, that doesnt bother me though, I really dont do anything that requires 3D in any OS.

QNX is very nice in general, has its quirks, but it really is fun to play around with. I liked the IDE that shipped with 6.2, reminded me of my VB days (in an oddly good way).

by dan on Fri 25th Apr 2003 15:33 UTC

I remember AMIGA was going to use QNX as a basis for a new OS. They could be back in the game. It would be a perfect replacement for their current OS. There is no reason why Microsoft should be the only one with the "Freedom to Inovate".

by David Ferguson on Fri 25th Apr 2003 17:52 UTC

The last time I tried QNX I really didn't like the desktop. It looked nice but... No way to use Icons or such, is it still that way? Anyone know if QNX supports cd burning yet?

by kretorik on Fri 25th Apr 2003 18:10 UTC

There is a workaround for icons on the desktop, which is what I believe you're referring to (get on and ask around).

Also, there is a beta of cd-burning software using cdrecord. One developer is working on a GUI for cdrecord. Soon it'll be supported fairly nicely.

Linux binary compatibility..?
by Anonymous on Sat 26th Apr 2003 06:56 UTC

... by now..?