Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 29th Nov 2001 22:51 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Is Ginger a breathtaking device that will change the world, or just another Scooter-like invention? "Good Morning America" anchor Diane Sawyer said earlier this week that the show will reveal what Ginger--also known as IT--is next week on the show. So far, all we know are clues gathered from filed patents, which are about methods for making a "personal mobility vehicle" that could carry people up stairs or over other irregular surfaces. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs and CEO Jeff Bezos have seen the device, with Jobs going so far as to say it could prompt builders to construct cities around it.
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Breathtaking... not holding my breath. :P
by Deej on Thu 29th Nov 2001 22:59 UTC

I've heard a lot about this... from guestimates to uneducated commenting. Considering Transmeta... I think I'll hold reservations until I see it... all the hype around things secret usually makes me expect so much more than what it turns out to be - and therefore disappointed. ;)

where the hype's at
by clone304 on Thu 29th Nov 2001 23:44 UTC

If you're interested in talking about this with others, look here:


Ipod version 2.0
by Linux/XP user on Thu 29th Nov 2001 23:59 UTC

Will it be *another* disappointment? If its as good as what the ipod turned out to be, it will be totally underwhelming and pretty gh3y as well.

by Androo on Fri 30th Nov 2001 00:24 UTC

Dean Kamen is one amazing engineer and inventor. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll want one ;) I'd rather use one of his wheelchairs than walk around myself, and I'm not handicapped (just lazy)!

I've meet him
by Brad on Fri 30th Nov 2001 00:47 UTC

I've meet Dean, he's one of those strange ecentric types. He really is an impressive inventor. Also hes good at starting some impressive things liek the FIRST robotics compitition. Thats were i meet him, I was on a team that took second in the nation. He on the other hand is a shady guy, such as his compititon is kinda of a money sucker, more than that hes just seams shady if you talk to him for a while. But never the less he can invent. Hes become rich around the stuff he came up with. I think this will probly be something really interesting. But i doubt world changing. If the world changes everything based on a scooter i think there is no hope for us. He is really good about stirring up hype. And most things with this much hype end up not being so great in the end. I just want to have this secret out so theres no more theroys floating around. Lets just hope its not some fad toy that people go nuts for then in 6 months is the butt of jokes.

IT conspiracy?
by Greenie on Sat 1st Dec 2001 00:29 UTC

Doesn't last week's Not So North Park have something like this? Peculiar, ain't it? Didn't think so. (j/k)