Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 25th May 2003 02:49 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems announces the release of eComStation 1.1 products. The new product branding includes the separation of OS platform component from some of the applications which had been included in eComStation 1.0. Users may now select from eComStation Entry, the OS platform component, and the eComStation Application Pack. The multiprocessor support is available as an optional feature as well, and a server edition based on Warp Server for e-business is also available. Read the full announcement as a PDF here. Our review of eCS 1.1 can be found here.
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reason for a PC
by Ben Huot on Sun 25th May 2003 04:45 UTC

This might be a reason to keep my PC. - ha

by ENOUGH ALREADY on Sun 25th May 2003 08:30 UTC
v To the CAPITALS king up there
by Eugenia on Sun 25th May 2003 08:33 UTC
Os/2 warp a shame
by eightiesdude on Sun 25th May 2003 15:48 UTC

i have old os/2 warps including 4. I wish this was offered as a free download. I would try it. Maybe i have gotten spoiled with linux. Nevertheless it is good someone cares enough to keep os/2 warp going. It was a better os for its time especially against windows.

by mopar on Sun 25th May 2003 16:03 UTC

I am almost tempted to buy it and do away with Linux and windows... You can run some X progs on OS/2 or EComStation, and it even has a win32 emulator/binary translation thingie. OS/2 is solid and very high quality, compared to the iffy quality in different areas in windows and Linux... Not much shareware/freeware/commercial programs available for it though.

why no OSNEWS eCS icon?
by Carsten Hintz on Mon 26th May 2003 07:22 UTC

hi all.

I would really see a eComStation specific icon for eCS-related articles here on OSNEWS. I do exspect a lot more to come and it does not have all that much to do with IBMs OS/2 anymore. at least not more than RedHat related news have with SuSe related ones.

thanks for thinking about it.

and just to add some news for those that don't follow the eCS channels: Firebird 0.6 is out for eCS for some days now and a working technologie preview of an anti-aliasing font rendering engine is just out as well.

kind regards,

At last...
by nova on Tue 27th May 2003 11:30 UTC

Hi all

Just to say :

I have now 4 versions of eCS at home (web/FTP, mail, dns1 and dns2)… It's a real pleasure to use them… I started my servers in test mode last June… Except one server that had hardware problems I had nothing to do. They simply run and run and run…

I just received eCS 1.1 and installed it on a laptop. There are not a lot of big changes compared to eCS 1.0 but there is a huge amount of small details that have been changed or added… It gives the OS2 user interface all the little things that I missed for years.

For those who used and liked Warp4 it's really worth the money (the entry version is really cheap).

P.S: Where can I find a demo of Firebird 0.6 and the technology preview???

RE: At last...
by Geezle/2 on Thu 29th May 2003 20:23 UTC

I started my servers in test mode last June… Except one server that had hardware problems I had nothing to do. They simply run and run and run…

So it does OK as a server too? I have been thinking about replacing Warp 4 on my HTTP/SMTP/CVS/DHCP/DDNS/file/print/kitchen-sink server/firewall next time it goes down but with uptime something over three years now I don't know when that will be. . .

I do use eCS 1.0 on my favorite workstation though between the reliability of eCS and its virtual desktops and Mozilla's tabbed browsing I am developing some bad habits ->I never bookmark web sites any more. Mozilla is always running on its own desktop and if I find a site that I want to investigate later I just leave it loaded in a tab. A visiting Windows-weanie with a different set of bad habits shut my browser down (that needs to be done often with IE?) and lost months worth sites that I was hoping to find time to look at again.

Anyway, you can get Firebird at:

and the new font engine at: