Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 3rd Jun 2003 23:59 UTC
Morphos AppleLinks offers an overview of the Pegason PPC platform. OSNews' is here.
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Good to see
by Bruno the Arrogant on Wed 4th Jun 2003 00:58 UTC

It looks like the PPC's star is rising lately. That's good to see, I always thought the platform had a lot of promise. I was disappointed IBM/Motorolla didn't do more to promote it. In theory, it should offer better price/performance than x86, but it has yet to achieve the economies of scale necessary to realize the benefit. Maybe that's about to change.

PPC star rising
by Lennart Fridén on Wed 4th Jun 2003 11:49 UTC

Take a look at - it looks like IBM won't be the only supplier of higher end desktop PPC CPUs in the future. Then again, do I need to mention the G5? :-)

Hmmm....slighlty lame review
by Lennart Fridén on Wed 4th Jun 2003 11:53 UTC

It's common practice to enclose quotes with quation marks, but this guy just blatantly cut'n'pasted lengths of post from the site. My guess is that Charles W. Moore haven't even seen a Pegasos.

by Nate Downes on Wed 4th Jun 2003 14:59 UTC

I read it and went "Hey, those words look quite familiar" as they should, as I wrote them.

Ah well, very odd.

I'd say likely the guy was excited by an option being availible so got an article out quickly, but man, could ya at least have quoted?

Some of It was Original
by Daniel Miller on Wed 4th Jun 2003 22:16 UTC

@Nate Downes:

I guess the guy didn't take Journalism 101 (and his high school English teachers didn't cover it either) because he copied from you, but then some of it was original.


Yeah, but he didn't claim to have had his hands on a Pegasos so that much is okay. Articles based on reading other reports are okay, I mean people who write about great white sharks don't have to go swimming with them.


Nice to get a very positive review to a new audience.