Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 5th Dec 2001 20:11 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Trumpet Software, makers of the well known Trumpet Winsock and the PetrOS, to celebrate 10 years of the release of their first product, sent us promotional items: caps for women and men, mousepads etc, items which we will send to ten OSNews readers. There is nothing particular we ask you to do, just email us on this email address with the subject line 'Trumpet Software Give Away' and we will randomly pick ten people to be sent the goods. The offer ends on Thursday 6th of December 2001 at 09:00 AM Pacific Time, so hurry up. Update: The offer is over! Please do not email us anymore. The winners will be announced on this web site very soon.
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by catharsis on Wed 5th Dec 2001 23:50 UTC

How many entries allowed per person?

Re: Catharsis
by Eugenia on Thu 6th Dec 2001 00:02 UTC


Re: Catharsis
by Zsolt Marx on Thu 6th Dec 2001 12:05 UTC

And how many persons allowed per entry?

Re: Catharsis
by Eugenia on Thu 6th Dec 2001 17:40 UTC


by Androo on Thu 6th Dec 2001 20:52 UTC

"Eugenia (IP: wrote"

Eugenia!! Say it ain't so!

Fingers crossed.....
by Rude Turnip on Thu 6th Dec 2001 21:16 UTC

Ooooh, I hope I'm a winner! Will the items be autographed by Peter? That would be cool. btw, I didn't register using this email addy.

Fingers AND Toes Crossed.
by Chris Chance on Fri 7th Dec 2001 00:09 UTC

It's weird this is one of the few contests im actually praying to win i really wanna win somethin even if its just a cap or a tshirt or somethin ;)

by Androo on Fri 7th Dec 2001 00:38 UTC

I never win anything ;)

neither do I
by mario on Sat 8th Dec 2001 12:39 UTC

But nevermind. Trumpet has given me already very much. The most fascinating Internet experience I ever had.. was the one at the beginning, largely thanks to Trumpet Winsock. Those were the days......