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Slackware, Slax ILug-cal features a quick review of Slackware 9.0.
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Quick and dirty....
by marc on Fri 13th Jun 2003 21:04 UTC

Quick and dirty review:)
Well, all in all you actually can play games as non-root, basicly you would have to see for /dev and for some other stuff how it is configure.
All in all, nice review, but people are loosing interest in slackware and that is a shame.
Slackware is a good distro, and still has many years to go...

Re: Quick and dirty....
by Anonymous on Sat 14th Jun 2003 00:11 UTC

All in all, nice review, but people are loosing interest in slackware and that is a shame.
I guess the new 'l33t" distro is gentoo, by indication of all its fanbois spamming all over

by John Blink on Sat 14th Jun 2003 00:18 UTC

Quick and dirty....

I haven't lost interest just yet ;)

I find that this distro once configured is the easiest to understand.

It is good that the more popular distro's try to get things configured via a GUI, but sometimes they don't always work. In my case it was FontDrake in the latest Mandrake release, for others it might be something different.

Anyway anything I do in Slackware I always write myself some notes and keep it in a book to refer to if I need to reinstall.

by xedx on Sat 14th Jun 2003 03:06 UTC

gentoo is lfs/slackware in steroids ;)

by marc on Sat 14th Jun 2003 04:59 UTC

Slackware is a great piece of work, and it is not so easy to put together as most people think. If someone misses AA fonts then probably should install Dropline Gnome. Its great. Also people say there is a lack of packages for slackware, well, guess what, lots of sites have packages also in tgz, and there is also rpm2tgz. Well, Slackware Linux is great, has great features, and its the best thing on a server and a great dev platform. I've learned more about slackware than with any other distro. Also when you screw things they are easyer to fix.

People, don't give up Slackware, its a shame.

by Wrawrat on Sat 14th Jun 2003 05:07 UTC

Hey Anonymous, is that the kind of people you were talking about? ;)

Gentoo might be both of them in steroids, but it's far from being stable as Slackware. I use Gentoo myself as Slacky isn't really good as a desktop OS (well, that's my opinion), but it's one of the best distros around.

John Blink, you're right, it's probably one of the easiest to understand. You also learn a LOT while configuring it.

I think I'll go back to Slacky just to show my support for that great distro... ;)

SlackWare Rocks !!!!
by hee-haw on Sat 14th Jun 2003 18:27 UTC

It was a few years back where i started to use slackware,back then i always hears that slackware is very hard to use,but once you have tried it,at once you will realise that this is a rock solid distro.I find it very easy to "pico" or should i say edit files that needs to be configured.In terms of speed,slackware is super fast ;) ) thats what i love most.Fun part is during recompiling its default kernel.Only little needs to be recompiled ;)