Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:06 UTC
Linux Here is a review with screenshots of the i686-optimized Red Hat-based JAMD Linux 0.0.6, and a review of the mainland European language-focused Aurox Linux 9 while Rock Linux released version 2.0.0-b4.
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euro-language focused?
by Debman on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:12 UTC

so it has english in it as well?

by TheDude on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:57 UTC

I'd love to know if this JAMD distro is measurably faster than Rehat and if it will work w/ Redhat apt repositories.

by fred on Mon 16th Jun 2003 01:13 UTC

yes it will work with redhat 9.0 apt repositories
jamd is a slightly modified version of redhat 9.0.
XD2 will install on it.

by TheDude on Mon 16th Jun 2003 01:49 UTC

As long as it will recognize everything Redhat 9 does I'll try it. Does up2date work on it?

by fred on Mon 16th Jun 2003 01:53 UTC

i didn't try up2date on it, but it has apt4rpm already installed.

JAMD is optimised for...
by John Blink on Mon 16th Jun 2003 02:46 UTC

What is its optimisations, will it run better on the latest hardware?

ROCK -beta5
by fake on Mon 16th Jun 2003 08:25 UTC

ROCK Linux 2.0.0-beta5 will be out shortly (today?)

Jamd simply rocks!
by Mr. Banned on Mon 16th Jun 2003 14:40 UTC

I discovered JAMD about a month ago, and I have to say that it's won me over!

You get all the perks of Redhat 9, along with 686 optimizations, pre-setup apt-get, and a CORRECT setup of KDE 3.1.1 (Yes... They've gone back and fixed all of redhats problems with KDE!).

On top of that, they've defined a default desktop environment that's miles ahead of anyone else default setups, included only the best software neccesary for the average desktop use, and have included synaptec as their software mgt. program, allowing Joe User to easily add to and define his/her environment as needed.

Suffice it to say that JAMD is one of the best kept secrets in the Linux world.

Like Yoper? You'll love JAMD.

Like Vector? You'll love JAMD.

Like Redhat? Then you'll really love JAMD!

BTW... On a related note, has anyone figured out how to install ANY Linux distro's on a SATA Raid0 setup? I just upgraded my box, and while JAMD's running fine on my old box, I haven't found a way to get it to recognize my newer SATA-based box. Ideas??

re: Jamd simply rocks!
by dabooty on Mon 16th Jun 2003 15:01 UTC

"and have included synaptec as their software mgt. program, "

did they fix it to work with proxy's?
can't trust my mother with a software mgt prog that wont work because she has to use a proxy (provider blocks port 80 here).

if they didn't their mgm tool is nothing more than using synaptic to browse through the packages and then resorting to CLI for installing them (luckily the command line apt works fine, even with proxy's)

Jamd simply rocks!
by Paul on Mon 16th Jun 2003 15:12 UTC

This is one of the best distro's out there. I know as I have tried many.

It is rock solid! It is faster then the workstation install of RH9.

I have installed it on a junk box (my computer)400 clairion & 64 meg mem, my wifes HP xp2100 & 1 gig mem, and a old Compac 400 intel with 128 meg mem.

It is easier to set up then most distros. Fully RH 9 complient so loading GCC3 is not a problem.

It has become my distribution of choice.

Just my $.02!


ROCK Linux
by René Rebe on Mon 16th Jun 2003 16:39 UTC

For those who do not know: ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit. Aside from the included generic, desktop, minimal, router (in some days realtime and live) target, you can create you own, too. This ranges from custom package selection to modifiying every package in whatever way you want!

We support most architectures Linux runs on (x86, Alpha, SPARC, PPC, MIPS, .x86_64, ia64) and of course you can optimize for every processor GCC has support for.

ROCK Rulez
by Mike on Mon 16th Jun 2003 17:00 UTC

I've been running ROCK Linux here for some years now, and all i can tell is the ROCK rulez, it simply gives you full control on the things you want to do, once you try it you will just never go away from it.

only ROCK rocks!
by Alejandro on Mon 16th Jun 2003 17:23 UTC

As far as i have seen, rocklinux is the only kit which allows you to build a really tuned linux from another box (even cross platform), just how you like it, burn it on a cd and then install this personal flavor of linux easily in as many machines as you need. Then, thanks to targets, you can build that personal flavor of linux to a totally different architecture almost without effort. with ROCK you have the control, you are in charge.
currently it includes more than 800 great packages you can include in your linux.
really... ROCK is amazing. ROCK rocks!!

if you like to know your machines... if you like to keep them really updated... you have to use ROCKlinux.

Re: ROCK Linux
by Anonymous on Mon 16th Jun 2003 17:35 UTC

Troll much?

Redhat & JAMD
by TheDude on Mon 16th Jun 2003 17:38 UTC

Basically JAMD IS Redhat as far as hardware detection and the basics, right? I am tryig to justify wiping a working installation of Redha 9....

Re: ROCK Linux
by René Rebe on Mon 16th Jun 2003 18:11 UTC

What is the problem - that you like the 667th Red Hat variant more?

screenshots .....that's a really cute desktop
by Anonymous on Mon 16th Jun 2003 23:36 UTC

my friend's 10 year old would LOVE that desktop/look.

i'd probably have to change it for myself (grin).

Redhat & JAMD
by qa1433 on Tue 17th Jun 2003 10:24 UTC

If you are happy with your install then don't wipe it. JAMD offers more speed and user friendliness. That's all!

JAMD is awesome.
by Mulki on Tue 24th Jun 2003 12:58 UTC

I was planning on installing Redhat 9 but decided to give JAMD a try After reading a review:

I was able to add software from the Redhat 9 CDs by simply booting from the Redhat ISO and going through the upgrade option. So adding any RH software is that simple.