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Morphos Genesi has a promotion on Pegasos slashing prices down to 300 euro. A fair price to run MorphOS.
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OS X on Pegasos
by JSplice on Tue 17th Jun 2003 20:14 UTC

Has anyone ever experimented with running OS X on PPC linux using Mac on Linux? I love OS X, but there's no way I can dish out the cash to buy a Mac, and I think a lot of ppl are in the same boat. I was wondering what kind of performance you would get with Mac on Linux on a Pegasos. This is what I've found to be the only solution to running OS X on something other than a Mac.

RE: OS X on Pegasos
by Eugenia on Tue 17th Jun 2003 20:23 UTC

Yes, you can (although not completely legal). You didn't read my review? I had a screenshot of it there. ;-)

where are they?
by mick_nobody on Tue 17th Jun 2003 23:55 UTC

Is it me, or did genesi announce a sale for a product they dont have? these have been out of stock for weeks and the website says they wont have anymore until september...?

by AlienSoldier on Wed 18th Jun 2003 00:07 UTC

does it have different (noticable) difference in performance, notably interrupt latency time for exemple?

Re: where are they?
by Nate Downes on Wed 18th Jun 2003 00:27 UTC

You have not actually looked for any boards, I can tell. As I run the website, I know it does not say there are none for sale, only that production had halted with it to restart in September for the revision 2 boards.

Several retailers have boards in stock.

Re: MacOSX
by Nate Downes on Wed 18th Jun 2003 00:28 UTC

I noticed nothing noticable for performance when under MOL, but it was not the fastest either. Our 600Mhz G3's performed similarly to my ex-roomates 450Mhz iMac, actually was a lot faster for loading apps.

RE: where are they?
by gary_c on Wed 18th Jun 2003 02:58 UTC

These aren't products Genesi had in stock but rather were found to be still available at some resellers. To move them before the Pegasos II introduction, the resellers decided to put on this promotion, working together and with Genesi within the Phoenix Developer Consortium.

-- gary_c

by bbrv on Wed 18th Jun 2003 03:50 UTC

The Betatester boards are actually being sold for 199 and are used (usually for less than two months). They have the first version of the Mai Articia chip, which had bugs. They are not consumer retail product...

The April 1 boards are much more reliable at 249. Again, these boards have been used for a short period.

BUT, they all come with a G3 600 MHz IBM CPU and they can do some things perfectly well. See details at


Raquel and Bill

no thanks.
by df on Wed 18th Jun 2003 07:25 UTC

i wouldnt give you 5 pence for it until it gets a new chipset thats not a POS.

p2 boards
by df on Wed 18th Jun 2003 07:42 UTC

i'll be a lot more interested when the pegasosII boards come out.. until then.... i will save my dosh till then.

by bbrv on Wed 18th Jun 2003 09:21 UTC

OK, df. We understand your perspective, but there are others and we sold 27 since last night...;-)

Best regards,


by df on Wed 18th Jun 2003 11:39 UTC

i'm glad your moving old stock, it shows they will sell, brings more cash in, and makes p2 boards look more of a reality, than not selling any at all!

VAT here in england is a killer ;) (378.00+vat).

so i will save + wait for p2 boards..

by JSplice on Thu 19th Jun 2003 16:14 UTC

So would it be possible to have it set up so that upon boot, it would load X with a very light window manager and just run Mac on Linux maximized? This would esentially just be like having a mac...?

I've heard that OS X will only run on Macs because of the firmware, but is there some way you can "mod" the Pegasos board to run OS X native?

Re: OS X
by Tiggidy on Fri 20th Jun 2003 02:45 UTC

Jsplice. You just have to realize that Macs are for homos end of story.

Re: Re: OS X
by JSplice on Fri 20th Jun 2003 02:49 UTC

Well "Tiggidy", considering you are a homo, i would assume you have one, yes?

Re: Re: Re: OS X
by Tiggidy on Fri 20th Jun 2003 02:51 UTC

Do you swear on grandma Gl*st* that im a homo? 3 2 1 Accept I win.

Re: Re: Re: Re: OS X no Re: OS X's
by JSplice on Fri 20th Jun 2003 02:53 UTC

Do you swear on grandma Gl*st* that according to the apocalyptic propulsion of a monkey's left testical men love to sit in the dark listen to Perry Como and drink 2-stroke engine fuel? 3 2 1 Accept I win Tomalto