Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 12th Dec 2001 17:54 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Last week OSNews held a competition for Trumpet Software's promotional items. We received 83 entries in 20 hours that the competition was open. OSNews would like to thank Trumpet Software for their kind give-away to OSNews readers. Are you one of the winners though? Read inside who are the 10 lucky readers (picked randomly with the help of... rand()) who will be sent, for free, the prizes this Christmas.
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by Androo on Wed 12th Dec 2001 19:09 UTC

I hate you rand()!! :/

Woo Hoo!!
by Daryl Dudey on Wed 12th Dec 2001 19:24 UTC

I was picked!!

Must be my lucky day...I never get anything free.

by Kevin on Wed 12th Dec 2001 19:34 UTC

congrats to everyone who won!

by Tim Stroud on Thu 13th Dec 2001 18:37 UTC

It must be my lucky day too.
I've never won anything before.
Thanks rand())!!

cheating rules
by Kevin D. White on Thu 13th Dec 2001 21:54 UTC

So glad I put that subtle bias into Rand() years ago. Now if only I could get the state lotteries to use it..... ;)

To David Huff
by Eugenia on Thu 13th Dec 2001 22:39 UTC

David Huff, please reply to me if you read this. Your email address bounced back.

by Sergey S. Kostyliov on Fri 14th Dec 2001 09:51 UTC

I love rand().
Gongrats to all!