Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 1st Aug 2003 06:35 UTC
OSNews, Generic OSes The B-Free project is a collaborative work aimed at creating a BTRON operating system from scratch, with free distribution. It is a preemptive multitasking operating system constructed through micro-kernel technology, which assumes 32-bit or higher CPUs. The BTRON operating system is a subset of the TRON project, which in turn, is a worldwide open Real Time Operating System (RTOS) specification.
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Do not understand
by mudrii on Fri 1st Aug 2003 08:16 UTC

Link is in japanese and I can not read this site ?

Do not understand
by ELQ on Fri 1st Aug 2003 08:21 UTC

Yes, it is a japanese site. It is still an OS though. ;)

Re: Do not understand
by Koki on Fri 1st Aug 2003 08:44 UTC

mudrii, ELQ,

Here is some good info in English:


English information on TRON
by Emmanuel Marty on Fri 1st Aug 2003 10:17 UTC

Here is English information on the TRON project:

I would also be happy to answer questions.

Re: English information on TRON
by Nate Downes on Fri 1st Aug 2003 16:51 UTC

I've been trying to get any hard info on the TRON VLSI CPU for ages, never got anywhere. Only a description, but nothing like HDL files or even an ISA document.