Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Fri 1st Aug 2003 18:14 UTC
Linux LinuxTag, Europe's largest Linux show was held from the 10th to the 13th of July 2003 in Karlsruhe Kongresszentrum, Germany. Myself and a colleague (Debian developer Sven Luther) were there for 3 of those days. The organisers took to the free software philosophy with some enthusiasm, the entrance is free but the downloadable ticket is supplied with LaTex source code! Then again this is the same organisation which, knowing German law didn't allow you to threaten legal action without proof told SCO to put up or shut up, SCO promptly shut up.
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by Anonymous on Fri 1st Aug 2003 19:14 UTC

Wow, the Linux users look as sexy as ever!

Re: Pictures!
by nivenh on Fri 1st Aug 2003 20:32 UTC

You obviously haven't been to any Microsoft or Borland conferences.

Re: Pictures!
by Sagres on Fri 1st Aug 2003 20:56 UTC

Well, I did see Carly Fiorina once at conference in Lisbon, and I saw Bill Gates too but that wasn't at a conference, it was when he had his Leonardo da Vinci exhibition here in Lisbon, but he much uglier than Carly ;)

RE: Pictures!
by Eugenia on Fri 1st Aug 2003 20:58 UTC

>Wow, the Linux users look as sexy as ever!

Not as much as some Gnome developers. ;-)

Taiwanese know how to party
by Corey on Fri 1st Aug 2003 22:33 UTC

Linux shows should be more like the Taiwanese computer trade shows.

Don't need fanless
by Rayiner Hashem on Fri 1st Aug 2003 23:56 UTC

You don't need a fanless case to be whisper quiet. My roommate's Dell P4 (2.26 GHz) is almost completely silent. I can't hear it at all from a few feet away. Even sitting right next to it, I sometimes have to look at the power light to see if its on. The secret is to use several very large low-RPM fans, along with a wind-funnel over the CPU.

by pel on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 00:01 UTC

Somone mentioned pike!
It's a shame that it doesn't happen more often ;)

by CooCooCaChoo on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 02:37 UTC

RE: nivenh (IP: 66.196.198.---)

I've been to a number of MSDN conferences, and I *swear*, every one of the people who attended (apart from me) needed to be arrested by the fashion police.

Please, could someone send these geeks to a colour and style co-ordinating course? I've never see such tragic instances of self hatred in the form of bad fashion.

As for the conference itself, I've never seen such money being put to waste by having managers shouting and screaming like Evangelical Christians swearing that *THEY* have the truth.

If is very pitiful when you see a 30 year old jump up and down over the latest "feature" they've added.

Linux World
by Anonymous on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 05:00 UTC

Reminder that next week is the Linux World conference in San Francisco.

Need more east-coast stuff
by IFightMIBs on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 08:08 UTC

I write this as I sit at work, while my co-workers are off at Defcon in Vegas....

Linuxtag looks really cool. One of the coolest reviews I saw of it was posted on the hurd developers list:

I just wish some of these things were closer so I could go. ;)

by Taras on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 09:18 UTC

There is a picture that shows someone coding on a picturebook..I didn't think that was possible. Now I want one even more ;)

Thanks for the kickass review & funny pics.

a good review
by Torsten Marek on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 09:50 UTC

It was a really nice review and caught the spirit of the Linuxtag. I was there this year for the third time (I'm from Germany so I do not have to travel far) and it is really worth it. Not only for the exhibition, but there are plenty of interesting talks and you get to know many people and many new facts. As for the girls, there were less girls last year, I think it's a good direction of development.
So if you want to have a trip to Germany at least once in your lifetime, consider visiting the Linuxtag.

by Aussie John on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 10:32 UTC

Your words and your pictures have allowed me, and I'm sure many others who also could not be there, to share in the spirit and the event that is LinuxTag.

very nice
by Paul Gallant on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 14:04 UTC

Thanks for the very down to earth reveiw. I agree with
IFightMIBs there should be more shows like this on the east coast (USA). There used to be annual show here (Raleigh,NC)
but Red Hat stopped doing it.

re: RE: Pictures!
by Robert Renling on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 14:23 UTC

>Wow, the Linux users look as sexy as ever!

>Not as much as some Gnome developers. ;-)

I hope you excluded a certain usability engineer at ximian from that generalisation ;-D

Re: CooCooCaChoo
by Joel Stone on Sat 2nd Aug 2003 17:05 UTC

Please keep your religious bigotry out of this discussion - and don't insult evangelicals by comparing them to microsoft goons.

FINALLY, a good article!!!!!!!!!
by willow on Sun 3rd Aug 2003 00:45 UTC

With all the shitty "review" articles like "is linux ready for the desktop" slop, it's nice to see an article that was actually a pleasure to read. Thanks! Post more like this one.

Good Article
by a.ameri on Sun 3rd Aug 2003 08:19 UTC

Well, your review of LinuxTag won the award of the best article I have read this week. Congradulations to you :-)
But anyway, as others have noted, the article really captured the spirit of LinuxTag. I will definitly try to be there next summer. Thumbs up, to both, LinuxTag, and the reviewer.

Re: CooCooCaChoo / Joel Stone
by Peter Hoeg on Mon 4th Aug 2003 20:15 UTC

I tend to agree with Joel on this one. Do not make a fool out of evangelicals in public like that - they are doing that JUST FINE themselves...

RE: Joel Stone (IP:
by CooCooCaChoo on Tue 5th Aug 2003 03:51 UTC

Please keep your religious bigotry out of this discussion - and don't insult evangelicals by comparing them to microsoft goons.

How am I a bigot? I don't run around with my religion on my sholder like some sort of hipocrit?

It seems that *EVERY* time religion is bought up we have every seppo jump on board the "look at me, I'm [religion adjective]".

Here is a hint sunshine, for the rest for the rest of the world, religion is a *VERY* personal thing, and people like Evangelicals are seen as nothing more than money grubbing, cult creating heritics who are more hell bent of creating a zealot driven fan club than actually spreading the word of god.

That description goes VERY well with the type of cultish rubbish that happens at your average MSDN conference.