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Morphos The first meeting of the New York City Pegasos Users Group is scheduled to occured in September. Read on for more information.
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Free MorphOS T-Shirts!
by bbrv on Thu 28th Aug 2003 00:32 UTC

Hi Magnetic, that sounds great. We will fully support the event and make sure you have plenty of MorphOS T-Shirts to give away...:-)

We appreciate your support!

Raquel and Bill

by Anonymous on Thu 28th Aug 2003 04:14 UTC

Can you say "Be"?

can you be more specific on the location?
by jl on Thu 28th Aug 2003 05:30 UTC

Its in brooklyn?

I want a tshirt
by chris (poundsmack) on Thu 28th Aug 2003 05:54 UTC

I want a tshirt!

by Emil Oppeln Bronikowski on Thu 28th Aug 2003 06:42 UTC

It's quite a distance from Poland to NYC, but, what the heck. Get me some good beer and I'll go ;->

equation help
by Ben Huot on Thu 28th Aug 2003 08:04 UTC

Open House + Demo = ? I don't know how to add up the equation.

Pegasos Open House
by magnetic on Thu 28th Aug 2003 19:45 UTC

Thanks for all the input

It is in Brooklyn, Williamsburg Brooklyn to be exact. Easy to get to by major trains from all over NYC. Its off the L train 3 stops from the city. If you intend to come please email to rsvp. When we hit 20 ppl its ON!