Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 00:44 UTC, submitted by Charles E. Reno
ReactOS The WinNT-inspired OSS OS ReactOS released recently 0.1.3.
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by Kingston on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 01:42 UTC

Heh. Their server must be running ReactOS, as it seems to be down.

site down
by Sikosis on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 02:13 UTC

its a shame their site is unaccessible. i've also followed what this crew has been up to.

they make it nice and easy to test.

download location
by Dave Albert on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 02:17 UTC

All the files are accessible at sourceforge:

The DNS is down
by Steven Edwards on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 02:53 UTC

Our DNS is down. It should be back up in to the morning.


by boris on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 05:35 UTC

>Our DNS is down. It should be back up in to the morning.

Heh, morning in wich timezone ? ;)

by SC on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 06:00 UTC most likely South Carolina, so EST

Boot failure / no ChangeLog available
by Johannes on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 07:32 UTC

For the first time, ReactOS now fails to boot on my box. The boot process hangs when it says "loading cdrom.sys".

If anyone of the ReactOS guys is reading this: Have there been any significant changes concerning the CD-ROM driver?

Since I managed to boot ReactOS on my girlfriend's box, I can say that the most visible change is that first steps towards a GUI have been taken: ReactOS now displays a boot logo and you will find some graphical test apps, including one multiwindow test where you can move around, resize or close individual windows and their child windows.

Certainly, using ReactOS for any serious purpose still doesn't make sense. But it looks like the projekt is steadyly gaining momentum.

Keep going!



@Steven Edwards
by Marco Radossevich on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 08:00 UTC

As i always try to help (in any way) open source projects here are just two links:


Hope can helps.

News too soon!
by Jason Filby on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 18:22 UTC

I was planning to post the announcement to later (since our host's DNS was down). Anyway.. a screenshot of Solitaire running on ROS is now available on our site


by Assimil8or on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 18:31 UTC

Very good to see something going on in this area, imo.

btw: Which version of solitaire is this? =)

Won't work on Boschs: "Cannot load NLS Files"
by Leo on Tue 2nd Sep 2003 18:57 UTC


I downloaded the ISO and tried to install it using Boschs...

After the installation, and a reboot, the FreeLoader appears: When I choose to boot NewOS (Debug version or not), it stops with the error "Cannot load the NLS files !"

What's wrong ?