Linked by David Adams on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 18:08 UTC, submitted by Mark Hill
Slackware, Slax Pat Volkerding has announced the release of Slackware 9.1 Release Candidate 1. The changelog has all the details.
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Cool! I'm already testing!
by Marc on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 18:17 UTC

Cool! I've got it installed on 2 machines, works damn fine. Has gxine (which can be used also as a browser plugin for multimedia), J2SDK, Flash, Alsa, and many other cool things...

This is one of the best slack releases yet!!!

What's up with these RCX releases?
by jstn on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 18:32 UTC

Was this a convention started by Red Hat originally?

Me no likey! :|

- j

Re: jstn
by Rayiner Hashem on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 18:49 UTC

Um, the entire software industry does RC releases. RC = Release Candidate. Its a version of the software, that unless show-stopping bugs are reported afters its release, could become the final version. In theory, you go through a couple of RCs, updating the software after each, and you simply rename your last RC as the final version without changing anything. What don't you like about it?

Re: What's up with these RCX releases?
by Brad Clarke on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 18:50 UTC

I don't think it's specifically a RH thing.

Slack has been using the RC releases for several years now.

Typically a few beta releases followed by 1 or 2 RC releases, then the final release.

RC releases...and Slackware
by marc on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 20:35 UTC

Slackware is very flexible when it comes to releases, so when Slackware comes into RC state its almost the final one, but if a last minute (but proven) feature needs to be aded it will be added. So the dev three is not so frozen as in other distros...meaning you guys shouldn't care so much about the name. When Patrick considers it stable he puts out the final. But the -current three has always been pretty stable with few exceptions.

by acobar on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 21:12 UTC

Would be great if the kde project group could finish 3.2 (or at least a beta version) just in time to be included in this new version of Slackware.

Anyway, even now Slack is, for me, the best Linux flavour.

Good job Patrick!

by Steve on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 21:32 UTC

This is old news, as far as I know RC 2 was released sometime last week....

by Steve on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 21:33 UTC

OK, I am stupid.... I guess it was RC 2 Beta that was released when I read it....ah well.

by Miles Robinson on Tue 23rd Sep 2003 22:10 UTC

Since I use SWARET my Slackware is kept current, and I try to update daily. Judging from what I've seen, Slackware 9.1 is going to be very nice indeed, especially since GNOME 2.4 and KDE 3.1.4 are included.

Latest and greatest for all your software needs, and speedy. ;)

All i find is slackware 9.0
by James on Thu 25th Sep 2003 16:02 UTC

ok im a noob, how do i find slackware 9.1 RC2 all the iso's are 9.0 and most of the "current releases" are not them either.