Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:04 UTC, submitted by Lucio Riccardi
Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris While Mandrake Linux 9.2 will be released soon to the Club Members and Contributors, MandrakeSoft also released the first beta of Mandrake 9.2 for AMD64 (Athlon64 and Opteron).
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by Anonymous on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:13 UTC

"Released today"? Not according to that link. It says the next isos of 9.2 *will be* released to club members first, "hopefully before October 15."

9.2 has NOT been released yet.

RE: Huh?
by Me on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:28 UTC

Isn't that what the announcement above says?

>While Mandrake Linux 9.2 was released today to the Club >Members and Contributors,

by Julian on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:30 UTC

<rant> How come a bunch of hackers can have Linux running on the AMD64 but Apple can't manage a stable release of OSX? </rant>

Sorry for the rant, I'm just sitting here with a shiny new G5 just itching to be used. Congrats Mandrake.

re: Huh?
by Anonymous on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:33 UTC

That's what the text in the OSNews posting says but it is not correct. Click the link. It clearly says:

"Mandrake 9.2 ISO images will be released in advance to Mandrake Club users, hopefully before October 15th, when all last tests will have been achieved. "

How does that equate to ISOs were released today?

RE: re: Huh?
by Me on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:38 UTC

According to Mandrake the release of 9.2 was pencilled in
as Sept 22nd, so it's only a couple of days late :-) That
is what I gleaned from the folks over in the Mandrake
newsgroup anyway.

RE: Huh?
by Eddie on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:40 UTC

You have to read it very carefully before proceeding to any conclutions. Even from Mandrake's website. I thought it was available now loged in into the tha club. ;) I guess I will have to wait a bit longer. ;)

re: Huh?
by Anonymous on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:41 UTC

Ok, well, that may be the case, I don't know. All I do I know is that is has not been released today.

In any event, it looks like Eugenia fixed the post from "released today" to "released soon."

re: Huh?
by Me on Thu 25th Sep 2003 02:44 UTC

Time difference perhaps? I know I'm way ahead of many
people and europe especially, perhaps they'll start
showing up soon. Wish I had some spare cache :-) to
join the club....

by number9 on Thu 25th Sep 2003 03:04 UTC

If you go to the first link, the iso's are there already.
I was talking to a Mandrake person after writing the
AMD opteron article and the told me they would be there...
I suppose he was right. Wish I could have installed
that and checked it out also. Now to just wait for the
osnews/slashdot effect to go away before downloading...

Bittorrent site anyone?

Re: interestingly
by number9 on Thu 25th Sep 2003 03:06 UTC

Ops, I meant the first FTP link from the download mirrors
page... (e.g.
and not the first link from the original post... sorry for any confusion.

v Strange
by totothemacho on Thu 25th Sep 2003 08:45 UTC
Re : Grrr
by wazoox on Thu 25th Sep 2003 09:25 UTC

The current OS shipping with G5 is not 64bits AT ALL. MAc OS X 10.3 will be partially 64 bits only. That's a shame, yes...

its not a shame.
by Dave on Thu 25th Sep 2003 11:16 UTC

Mandrake is not a server OS.
Redhat has a Server version of their OS.

I'm assuming Mandrake is going after the x86-64 desktop market.

Is Mandrake still profitable? What about Mozilla?
Are these two companies going to last 10 minutes or a few years?

Setting the record straight.
by Eu on Thu 25th Sep 2003 13:55 UTC

Mozilla is a foundation. Its goal is not to be profitable but to meet expenses and to produce good code, both of which they have done as they have secured the necessary funding and are progressing very nicely on the 1.5 release.

Mandrake is also doing great. Funny that Mandrake is not a server OS. Netcraft and the thousands of people using its adavanced extranet server seem to have a very different opinion. In fact, for all of its desktop goodness, Mandrake is a much better server OS.

But then again, talk is cheap and it is easy to cast doubt on a product you have never used. Have you ever used Mandrake's Logival Volume Manager. While Red Hat and Sure are also able to do LVM partitioning, and while their tools do work, the finish and ergonomics of Mandrake tools cannot be matched.

In response to the guy that claims that Mandrake "stole" Red Hat and Suse's work, two things:

1) Stop trolling
2) You obviously do not understand the very nature of open source, which is to build on the work of other people. Go to Distrowatch and have a look at the number of distros that are built on Mandrake, which in turn in a long-gone day was based on Red Hat. But then again, talk is cheap.

by Dave on Thu 25th Sep 2003 16:06 UTC

I've never used Mandrake as a server, and never heard of it being used that way, sorry for my wild guessing.

Athlon64 vs. Opteron
by Anonymous on Thu 25th Sep 2003 16:08 UTC

What's the difference between the two? what are the target markets for each?

Re: appologies...
by jgisclon on Thu 25th Sep 2003 18:07 UTC

I've never used Mandrake as a server, and never heard of it being used that way, sorry for my wild guessing., a very popular libertarian news site with an Alexa ranking of 471, runs on Mandrake.

RE: Athlon64 vs. Opteron
by lord_kelmain on Thu 25th Sep 2003 21:27 UTC

The Athlon64 and Athlon64 FX are aimed at the desktop/end user market while the Opeteron is aimed at the server/workstation market. Athlon64's are designed to be mass-producible, so to speak, while the Opteron is designed for the more expensive and less in demand server market.

The main difference between the two is that the Athlon64 FX has two of the (total 3?) HypterTransport bus interfaces removed. Also, the Athlon64 FX is designated to run at DDR400 while the Opteron was made to run at DDR333.

Currently, there are two different Athlon64s: the Athlon64 3200+ and the AthlonFX 51; the first has a 754 pin count, while the second has a 940 pin count, identical to the Opteron's count.

You can't delete the bookmarks
by Shawna on Thu 25th Sep 2003 22:30 UTC

When Mandrake announced advertising in it's bookmarks, everybody was like, "It'll be OK, just delete them."

Well, I'm running 9.2 RC2 and I can tell you it is not possible to delete the bookmarks. You can delete them in your KDE session, but as soon as you reboot, they will be back, every last one of them. I've repeated this process four or five times with the same result each time. This is seriously going too far.

The panel also doesn't remember custom icons, it always reverts back to the default icon for the application on every reboot. :-(

Big frown.

Mandrkae is a server os
by patrick_darcy on Fri 26th Sep 2003 01:43 UTC

just go here and
check it out.

by AdamW on Sat 27th Sep 2003 22:30 UTC

that there is what we technically call a "bug".