Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 13th Nov 2003 19:26 UTC
OSNews, Generic OSes MenuetOS, the popular hobby OS written in 100% assembly x86 that fits in a floppy disk, had a new version, 0.75. Changes include a Gateway and PPP support; Dns, Chess etc. clients; Rtl8139 driver. New screenshots added to the site.
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by Kyle J Cardoza on Thu 13th Nov 2003 19:32 UTC

Every time I take a look at it, this OS amazes me a little bit more. It looks like the user interface has been cleaned up a bit, too. Right on. I think I'll bring this in to my assembly class.

Is it down?
by Allan Eising on Thu 13th Nov 2003 19:35 UTC

I can't access the site, is it /.'ed?

Re: is it down?
by Richard Fillion on Thu 13th Nov 2003 19:37 UTC

It WAS up a few minutes ago, but then it stopped responding, I'm guessing it's being OSNews'ed.

not my cup of tea but...
by darn on Thu 13th Nov 2003 19:52 UTC

I found that it does all it says and is dead easy to use. Accepts all the stuff on my computer as well.
Pity it is just a hobby OS.

Looks Great
by NateS on Thu 13th Nov 2003 20:14 UTC

I have the greatest respect for people who manage projects like this , SkyOS, TriangleOS, etc.

Great work.

A very nice project
by mario on Thu 13th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC

I like this OS, and like the first poster, it amazes me every time there's an update. I am more the systems engineering guy, hardware oriented, so I'm big on assembler.

It is amazin...
by Big Moron on Thu 13th Nov 2003 22:18 UTC

It is really nice... I have tried it before... taking their advice to disconnect the Hardisk and I was impress with it.

I just wish I knew a bit more on how to use it properlly and manage to get it online...

I wonder how more usefull they will get when they reach v1.0... only 25 more to go... I find it really interesting... So am interested in its progress...

I'm impressed. Programers, learn and marvel
by deleted on Fri 14th Nov 2003 01:03 UTC

Talk about extreme programing. Projects like this are inspiring. I'm always impressed by designs for efficiency, speed, compactness and portability. This OS easily surpases them all. After I finish installing Gentoo, I'll be playing with this OS for a while. And following it's progress too.

Oh, yeah, I stand vehemently against the new bloated languages. In my mind, Assembly and C are the purest programing languages. You are not a programer if you don't know them like the back of your palm. ;-)

by :) on Fri 14th Nov 2003 02:19 UTC

Portability? This thing is written in x86 assemby ;)

Amazing OS
by Partisan on Fri 14th Nov 2003 04:28 UTC

I just played around with it for about 15min. It is absolutly amazing that a OS that beautiful can fit on a floppy. Truly amazing programmers at the helm of this project. I wish I knew assembly now, I would help them add some more functionality.

It seems like this would be a great OS to put on a usb keychain to diagnose hardware problems.

by Cypress on Fri 14th Nov 2003 08:56 UTC

It's beautiful! I am an executive editor at "My Computer" magazine in Romania and I think I have just found my next review idea. I love this OS. I'd just wish it would recognize my mouse all the time not just once in a while ;) [COM 2]

by Anonymous on Fri 14th Nov 2003 22:08 UTC

What does extreme programming has to do with it? ;)