Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 25th Nov 2003 20:04 UTC
QNX QNX 6.2.1 setup.exe removed the capability of installation into a Windows FAT partition. This article tries to provide a manual way to have QNX installed under FAT partition, with or without burning a CD.
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Windows-free install
by Dave on Wed 26th Nov 2003 03:14 UTC

Inspired by the article, I was able to do a FAT install on a Windows-free machine. It is a RedHat 7.3 workstaion with all ext2/3 partitions. I created a new FAT partition and temporarily mounted it as /mnt/dos. The ISO file is mounted as /mnt/cdrom. dd is used to create the boot floppy from /mnt/cdrom/install/floppy.144
Everything else is pretty much following the article except when creating the root.qfs I used "wine /tmp/dinitw32.exe root.qfs 1500". Hope there will be a Linux version of "dinit".

very nice
by nego` on Wed 26th Nov 2003 15:31 UTC

Good article, I personally enjoyed the option to try out Qnx from within Windows, I couldn't get it installed onto it's own partition so it gave me an opportunity to try it out. (not that i don't know how to install onto my own partition, at the time my bios wouldn't read my entire harddrive so I used third party software in the mbr that booted my OS and allowed me to use the entire harddrive)

Great OS, great UI, I just have no need for it at this time ;)

ISO Size
by chicobaud on Wed 26th Nov 2003 16:19 UTC

I culd try and find out but ...
Can you say the size of the current iso ?

(Dave that's a pretty nice turn around !)

by Dave on Wed 26th Nov 2003 16:34 UTC

It has the cksum and md5sum of the current ISO. the 2nd number in cksum is the size.

by chicobaud on Wed 26th Nov 2003 19:26 UTC