Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 07:10 UTC, submitted by Ron
Linspire Today Lindows is giving away again their LindowsOS 4.5 totally free if you use the special Google text-coupon code "FreeLindowsGoogleDay" on their online shop. Read more at Overclockers Club.
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So there's the culprit!
by Nathan O. on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 07:48 UTC

No wonder their site is so slow. I've had to continue an FTP of their Laptop Edition several times.

I've got the developer edition installed right now on this machine. It fixes every hardware problem I've ever had with this laptop, but makes a new one: power management. Luckily, LE is free for the downloading. Hope that changes things.

Anyone have any idea why they're suddenly giving LindowsOS away to people "in the know"? I think it's an awesome tactic to get pros to use their product. I didn't think their idea was a good one, nor that it was worth the money, til I got it free. If I knew it worked so well, and I didn't have it already, I'd pony up $60. I'd write a review and send it to OS News, but lemme guess how many people here would like a million reviews of a Linux distro :-)

Yesss! Finally I'll try it too
by Nemios on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:05 UTC

I missed the first opportunity to download LindowsOS thanks to OSNews. Now there's another opportunity and I already signed to download in the next days. Good move for Lindows, I think it will be repaid and many more people will finnaly buy their product after a try.

Re: So there's the culprit!
by rod on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:13 UTC

[i]Anyone have any idea why they're suddenly giving LindowsOS away to people "in the know"?[i]

Maybe because they believe some will sign up for the "click'n'run" service afterwards? Just a thought...

v Why lindows?
by Anonymous on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:14 UTC

"It fixes every hardware problem I've ever had with this laptop, but makes a new one: power management."

Power Managment is not a problem. Its an art.
Your battery gets eaten by two thing: Screen and Hard Disk.
Spindown the hard disk with Linux? That should happen in hardware. Turn down the brightness on your screen down to one step above totally dark.

Sleep and Waking up? The hardest problem. Even Macs cant do this right all the time. I have not had much time to play with this as my IBM 701 Screen is broken, but as soon as I get parts, Im in the game...

See ya on lindows.


by offtangent on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:22 UTC

I too, like many readers here missed the opportunity the last time it was posted, so thanks for posting this.

please help me
by Adya on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:29 UTC

do they also ship it out of USA? I live in India (south Asia) will they ship me copy of their product? how much will they charge for it? (i can't download because i have a dail up)
please reply me so that i can be clear whether to go ahead or not

by John Blink on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 08:35 UTC

Thats sounds crazy, but of course there revenue comes from downloading and maintaining the OS from CNR.

I also learn't about LindowsLive the live CD is being distributed by "" on most major P2P software.

google Lindows Live

by jsg on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 09:07 UTC File Download System
Waiting for your download to start.
You are number 161 in line
This window will refresh periodically to show you your new position in line.
* Our servers are under extreme load. As such, if you encounter a problem while attempting to download then please try again in a few hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

oh much for being free

RE: waiting...
by Anonymous on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 09:09 UTC

Um. It's still free. Just wait a few days, and download it then. This was covered last time the coupon was given away. At least you aren't whining about the CC deal.

woo hoo
by unnamed fool on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 09:21 UTC

I have these products in my shopping cart:
1. Lindows 4.5
2. Lindows 4.5 Developer's Edition
3. LindowsLive!
4. Lindows 4.5 OEM Edition

I got them all for free >:)

Being a reader of many sites is goodness ;)

@unnamed fool
by Deu on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 09:34 UTC

What is the difference between the OM and the standard edition?

by aliquis on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 10:22 UTC

can anyone post instructions on how to get it? the overclockerssite is way to slow/down for me.

Re: instructions
by ealm on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 10:53 UTC

1. Go here:[0][sku]=DDXXXUSRDEVELP&addItem[0][fulfillment]=digital

2. Click apply coupon and enter "FreeLindowsGoogleDay" as coupon code.

3. Wait a few days until server load has calmed down, then download the ISO from the account you've applied coupon code in. You will be able to download the ISO at any time, as long as you sign up today and apply the code.

RE: Deu
by unnamed fool on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 11:17 UTC

I'm not quite sure but from what I gathered OEM is applied to fresh machines AKA pre-installed before sold.

Download problem
by M on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 11:20 UTC

I waited until I got on the 1st place for download. after that, i clicked on the download link and got the message:

We're sorry, but you have requested something you don't have access to. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact our support team.

any ideas? thanks


Re: @ Adya
by rod on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 11:30 UTC

Yes they ship the cd-version to India, but then the shipping costs would be probably very high.

You can just go to the site, apply the coupon code to get the discount, enter your shipping address and you'll see how much it costs, before you enter any credit-card data, so it's safe to try. I tried it for Norway and the shipping costs were around 40 dollars (so I decided to download instead)


re : @ rod
by Adya on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 11:49 UTC

thank you for giving me idea. it showed me 47$ well anyways i have registered for download. may be will download from my frn who has dsl. thank you for your help

by Lol on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 12:00 UTC

I am number 243 in the queue to download the cd :-)

Good deal tho, all i need now is a compatible adsl modem altho i suspect the speedtouch.sf. site has a debian package or two for me.

by GS on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 12:09 UTC

Good luck with the Speedtouch ADSL modem. Couldn't get mine to work in Lindows. First Linux distro of many I've tried where the drivers didn't work for me. I didn't bother checking into it much further though, so you might have better success.
Maybe one of the required options in the kernel was switched off. I couldn't be bothered recompiling though.

there is a deb package available
by Lol on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 12:48 UTC

Go here and try this for an updated deb package haven't tried it yet but well here's hoping.

RE: Download problem
by unnamed fool on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 12:52 UTC

It's a function of the server to prevent people from leaking links to the masses.
I've tried this before, when you reload manually it treats you in the same way. You MUST click on the link and wait for it to automatically load.

by aliquis on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 12:54 UTC

there we go, thanks ;)

oh and one more link for lindows users
by Lol on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 13:00 UTC
Windows compatability?
by Jeremy on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 14:07 UTC

I thought I had read somewhere that both Windows and Linux software could be run in Lindows out of the box. Does anyone know if that is so? If so, how well does it work for games? Thanks.

Re: Windows compatability?
by ealm on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 14:10 UTC

It can with any Linux dist, using Wine, WineX and CrossOffice. doesn't enourage this any more though, since the experience running Windows apps on Linux usually isn't that good and there are nice native alternatives to almost any app. For games WineX is pretty good though. Just make sure the game you want to run is "supported".

Re: Windows compatability?
by Jeremy on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 14:12 UTC

Ah crap. Nevermind. I finally found out on the site: a resounding "NO". ;)

offer has expired
by Lol on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 14:58 UTC

By the looks of it the offer has now expired.
Just glad i am downloading the os as i type

by anonymous on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 15:19 UTC

Actually, I am "868" waiting to download

Blooming eck!
by Lol on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 15:39 UTC

868! Blimey word must have got around.
Oh btw i was referring to this link someone just sent me:

Anyways, download is now at 68% and waiting:-)

My cdrewriter also arrives tonight, thanks in part to my wife working today, me on holiday :-)
Lovely when you can phone a loved one and get them to pop to the local computer store and get you stuff isn't it?

v why use
by Scorchen on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 16:20 UTC
Re: offer has expired
by Evil Allah on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 16:28 UTC

"Coupon FreeLindowsGoogleDay expired on Feb 02, 2004
08:00 AM PST and is no longer valid"

The offer expired at 8AM PST
by Typical on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 16:29 UTC

So much for Google DAY. It didn't even last the morning for some of us.

by Scott Alan Miller on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 16:34 UTC

The coupon expired at 8:00 am the morning that this was posted. What day was this good for?

by Anonymous Coward on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 17:09 UTC

I'd like to try the laptop enhanced version on mine, but my wireless card is a Netgear WG511, the drivers are an extra patch for the kernel 2.4, but comes with 2.6 ... is the patch applied in the default Lindows w/laptop enhancements kernel?

by Jason on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 17:19 UTC

This is the second time I've tried to take advantage of the free download and screwed over again!

That's it, my browser will never again go to their site!

by Anonymous on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 17:22 UTC

Dam server I think this is putting me off.
I have had the queue window open first off I got to 200 in the queue then the page crashed DOH
I then tried again after getting to 200 again it jumped back to 700 DOH DOH DOH

It's expired already
by CrimsonTitan on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 17:22 UTC

Coupon FreeLindowsGoogleDay expired on Feb 02, 2004 08:00 AM PST and is no longer valid - pasted from shopping cart.

FreeLindowsGoogleDay coupon Expired!
by karotechia on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 18:16 UTC

Tried to download Lindows 4.5 for free and get:

Coupon FreeLindowsGoogleDay expired on Feb 02, 2004 08:00 AM PST and is no longer valid

Why, Lindows? Do you think we are really going to pay for your wannabe OS without letting us try it first?

Sounds a lot like Microsoft crying wolf, or telling us the sky is falling.

Get Real, or Give It Up!

Last time
by Luke McCarthy on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 18:17 UTC

Last time when this offer was on OS News, the download stopped twice at around 60%, and it refused to resume, so I gave up. I think my login is still valid. If I remember in a few days I'll try again...

How to blow a good thing
by captnjameskirk on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 18:35 UTC

"By Eugenia Loli-Queru, submitted by Ron - Posted on 2004-02-02 07:10:10"

So, let's see, the coupon was good for a total of 49 minutes 50 seconds? Wow. Those Lindows guys really know how to milk a promotion, don't they. Guess I shouldn't have waited until lunch to check the site!

Looking at the original post
by Anonymous on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 18:51 UTC

Looking at the original post, it was posted at 6:10pm pst yesterday at *shrug* So it's nobody's fault really... Osnews just didn't get the scoop in time for some of us. Considering most of the span was overnight, can't really blame anyone for that - but she did get it up before it closed and did manage to give us all a second chance at something we wouldn't otherwise, so kudos to Eugenia... I didn't nab it this time either, but thanks anyway.

Re: How to blow a good thing
by scripter on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 19:56 UTC

I'm guessing maybe they decided to only give out so many copies, and judging from the posts about server loads, a lot of people jumped on this... quick. Good thing I did it when I did, only a few mins before 8am :-D

whole day?
by Bobthearch on Mon 2nd Feb 2004 22:02 UTC

I guess they didn't really want me to try it...

Was it really a whole day, from 8a.m. yesterday until 8 a.m. today?

Website Performance / Free as in Bait
by Anonymous on Tue 3rd Feb 2004 00:05 UTC

If the performance of their webserver is any indication of what is to be expected from their OS......A whole host of people are waiting to download absolutely nothing.

"Sleep and Waking up? The hardest problem. Even Macs cant do this right all the time"

Apparently you don't own a Mac. My 15" Powerbook does these things flawlessly. I get weeks of uptime in between Apple software updates and that's putting the laptop to sleep on the way to work and back. Never had a problem.

RE: whole day
by unnamed fool on Tue 3rd Feb 2004 04:48 UTC

Kinda sucks for you ;)
I got EVERY SINGLE version of Lindows that*was/is* available for free ;)
I love my timezone ;)

Day Late ,Dollar Short
by Michael Dionne on Tue 3rd Feb 2004 13:45 UTC

Tried to go to using the Instructions posting guidelines but when i went thru copy/pasting the necessary lines ,it would not apply the coupon ,saying the offer had already expired! GRR! I'd like to try Lindows ,cuz I'm sick n tired MS Windows. Is there any other way I can get it?
Please post here....

re: Michael Dionne
by Bobthearch on Tue 3rd Feb 2004 16:07 UTC

"I'd like to try Lindows ,cuz I'm sick n tired MS Windows."

There are many, many Linux distributions besides Lindows. Most other Linux distros are free so the question is, Who really needs Lindows anyway? Check out Distrowatch for the most complete listing. Lycoris, in particular, is designed to be easy-to-use for ex-Windows users.

There are several "Live" distributions, such as Knoppix, that run entirely from a bootable CD with nothing installed on the hard drive. It would be an excellent way to try Linux before committing to hard drive partitioning.

If you're really sick of MS, there are many other operating systems too. BSD, BeOS, and QNX come to mind. Or buy a Mac. ;)

RE: Long download lines and times
by music2myear on Thu 5th Feb 2004 20:03 UTC

Come back in the late evening with a download manager at the ready. You don't have to wait in any lines, and if the download is interrupted you don't lose any data. Just get back in line again and paste the new link as a mirror into your donwload manager.

Yes, they have slow servers that are being inundated by the load of downloading full-CD sized software, so you just have to work around it. After all, beggars can't really be choosers. You can come back and download the software ANYTIME (I registered for the Dev edition three weeks ago and the links are still good) so you don't have to get it today...

I love Mandrake
by Nykosis on Fri 6th Feb 2004 00:01 UTC

I love Mandrake as my choice of linux, allways free downloaded iso images, runs smooth as silk, nice rpm install packages and beautifully developed package. Had a little issue when coming back to linux from windows 100% instead of using dualboot. My via8235 sound wouldn't work on my Abit AT7-MAX2 board. but got it up and running. Only thing is now I need Linux to get up proper support for SATA-RAID. Also I need freaking support for my mixman DM2 by sonic blue since they are not developing it. Plus, no software for it. My other issue is my joypad controllers which are odd I see them in USBVIEW but yet to use them. Anyways for those who have the sound issue for via8235 no sound do this: install alsa 1.0.1 (every package) then follow thier via directions. if you have no sound in stuff like enemy territory in KDE you need to run sound through arts and MAKE SURE it is realtime or else you get pauses and clicks. I am running nice and smooth WITHOUT any issues. The only problem I am having is getting tribes2 WINDOWS to run under winex 3.2.1 says about me having to use the preset shortcuts? Can someone contact me via email and send me some kinda solution? thanks all! Mandrake 9.2 download edition and wine 3.2.1 cvs/rpm rebuild install