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ReactOS ReactOS 0.2 was released recently and this time it sports a new GUI. This short review with screenshots, shows some of the new improvements in this release. A huge improvement is that this release of ReactOS has some Win32 compatibility being able to run Solitaire and Winamp.
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Good approach, cool project
by retrakker on Sat 14th Feb 2004 00:59 UTC

... but I think they are a bit scared as they have to be super-cautious that nothing of the leaked sources, even just a comment finds it way into theirs. And I hope they be more inventive with their GUI unlike SkyOS which did not consider to go beyond the usual WIMP.

Other ReactOS news
by dpi on Sat 14th Feb 2004 01:07 UTC

WineConf 2004 has ended. Among other developers, 4 ReactOS developers were there too. A lot of interesting stuff has been discussed regarding ReactOS, WINE, and a lot more.

WineConf 2004 summary:

v Before you ask "Why Clone Windows"
by Steven Edwards on Sat 14th Feb 2004 01:19 UTC
v RE: Before you ask "Why Clone Windows"
by Eugenia on Sat 14th Feb 2004 01:22 UTC
Good work
by Smeggy on Sat 14th Feb 2004 01:51 UTC

Wonderful job with ReactOS thus far. A fantastic project!

by PhantomAMD on Sat 14th Feb 2004 01:53 UTC

Very nice, id love to see this project a few years down the road.

very very nice
by Q-collective on Sat 14th Feb 2004 02:06 UTC

I just heard about the project a week or two ago and find it very interesting!
There is a lot of potential because there are a _lot_ of windows developers outthere that can participate in the project.

I for myself run Linux (fedora core 1 atm) which is for me the most adult free alternative outthere... but development of ReactOS can grow exponentially when the basic things like networking and SEH are settled!

"the most adult free alternative out there"

Care to explain that one to me?

v Why?
by blah on Sat 14th Feb 2004 02:30 UTC
If I might be so bold to suggest...
by Anonymous on Sat 14th Feb 2004 02:32 UTC

All Q was meaning by 'adult' was 'mature' - a simple slip as they are synonymous with eachother:)

by Kingston on Sat 14th Feb 2004 03:16 UTC

I think that ReactOS is a neat little project. I'm not a big fan of either Microsoft or of Windows, but I've thought for quite a while that the NT kernel was nice (and still do).

Two things that irk me about ReactOS though; the first being their use of FreeDOS's as their cmd.exe and the second being the fact that the ReactOS hal.dll isn't nearly as useful as NT's. FreeCOM really sucks (it doesn't even do pipes right from what I recall) and the HAL in ReactOS only abstracts away the differences between motherboards.

by Brandon Sharitt on Sat 14th Feb 2004 04:06 UTC

I haven't really been following ReactOS for a while. They've really jumped ahead since the last time I looked.

by Hexydes on Sat 14th Feb 2004 05:16 UTC

>>>"And I hope they be more inventive with their GUI unlike SkyOS which did not consider to go beyond the usual WIMP."

I seem to remember something about a GUI contest....

We had over 40 entries. A number of them did not use the standard "Windows" windowing interface. In the end, what did people choose? Something close to the standard windowing system.

Rag on it all you want. We received thousands of votes. Apparently, people like this type of a windowing system. We simply implemented what people wanted.

I apologize for having to use ReactOS's thread to correct someone's comment about SkyOS. Nice work ReactOS team. Keep up the good work. ;)

Exciting Stuff
by Damn Coward on Sat 14th Feb 2004 07:04 UTC

This is a great project! I think it and Mono are the two most exciting projects going on right now.

I really hope that development on it continues full steam. If they realize the reality they're hoping for, they could end up having a bigger impact on the computing world then even Linux has.

Kudos guys. Nice job and keep up the great work!

by Someone on Sat 14th Feb 2004 08:17 UTC

So what's the point of it? To create an open and free version of Windows? Sorry but that just aint good enough, it needs some serious improvements and I can't see that happening while maintaining compatibility, even the basic requirements of removing the registry and sorting out the file structure would cause some headaches.

v Just diffed and how nice,...
by anonymous on Sat 14th Feb 2004 11:48 UTC
@anonymous (IP:
by Filip 2307 on Sat 14th Feb 2004 12:29 UTC

> Just diffed and how nice,...
> ... they've included some lines from the big
> archive ""

That's absoutly NOT TRUE!

> Now, I'm sure why they have waited for 0.2final until now!

ReactOS 0.2 final was released a few weeks ago, BEFORE the source code leak.

- Filip Navara, ReactOS Developer

RE: Just diffed and how nice,...
by Casper Hornstrup on Sat 14th Feb 2004 13:43 UTC

> ... they've included some lines from the big
> archive ""

Which lines? Just give a few examples.


The new kind of FUD?
by Ronald on Sat 14th Feb 2004 13:44 UTC

Just diffed and how nice they've included some lines from the big archive ""

I hope it will not be the the new way for the Closed Source Adepts to discredit FOSS.

Slandering FOSS by saying the code has reached it's maturity by stealing proprietary code.

It's tasteless.

One to keep an eye on...
by luddite on Sat 14th Feb 2004 16:06 UTC

Well done the ReactOS team - I will definitely keep an eye on this OS.
I hope the ReactOS team avoids the multitude of security issues of the OS it is modelling itself on.
How about Litestep or Blackbox as a shell?
I hope they don't mind me saying "Keep up the good work".

soon to be ex-windows user - at home that is - work is all micro$oft ;)

by k_semler on Sat 14th Feb 2004 21:44 UTC

It seems that the progress to ReactOS is progressing quite well. Although I bet it can propably run more than just Solitare. The current biuld of Wine can run MSO 2000, and more, so why cant react OS. I think it propably can. Also, it will be nice when this finally reaches the RTM stages, as I will be able to replace Windows with a free alternative that is not *nix based. Oh yeah, does anyone know of USB 2.0 is going to be supported in ReactOS eventually, and also, will it have native support for all Windows drivers?

RE: ReactOS
by thisjimmy on Sun 15th Feb 2004 06:35 UTC

In response to your question about USB drivers, yes USB 2.0 will be supported eventually. The idea of ReactOS is to use windows drivers natively. This is different from say WINE on a UNIX box which does not let you use windows drivers.

I've been testing ReactOS 0.2
by Wesley Parish on Sun 15th Feb 2004 11:38 UTC

and it's very good, for an alpha release.

However it is still alpha, so before I get around to testing it with the local database company Aoraki's Jade OODBMS, I think I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves and do some work on it myself.

Anyway, keep it up!

RE: RE: ReactOS
by k_semler on Sun 15th Feb 2004 20:41 UTC

Good, it looks like ROS will finally be what I have been searching for for the last 2 years, a completly free Windows replacement capable of running my current software collection. Once other quesion, how is a DirectX compatibility layer going to be implimented, so I can play GTA: Vice City in ReactOS, or will DirectX install under it?

RE:GUI, @Hexydes
by retrakker on Mon 16th Feb 2004 00:54 UTC

Sorry when my post sounded like flaming SkyOS - it just came to my mind. I could also name syllable or any other OS (including ReactOS).

Well, I was aware of that GUI contest and I also like the new theme but at that time it was alway promoted as a Hobby-OS ... and I hoped Robert is courageous enough to go for a really alternative approach (I can not really remember the name, but there was one really inventive). Instead, you saying you implemented what people like most. As an architect by education I can just say: your costumers do not know what they want - thats just a matter of fact.

Nevertheless, I like SkyOS and keep an eye on it.

Matching lines
by R.K. on Thu 19th Feb 2004 11:08 UTC

Equal lines ?

Thats obvious.

Just try the headers.

There might be one or the other equal line as well, thats no surprise for such a large project about the same theme, but unless a Microsoft developer is part of the development team (or sended patches in), there won't be whole files or bigger parts of files.