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Mono Project When Miguel de Icaza, the founder of Gnome and Gnumeric among other things, told TheRegister some days ago that he would like to see Gnome 4.0 to be based on Mono (a free .NET re-implementation), a lot of people thought that he is "selling" Gnome to the Microsoft's "evil .NET" technology. Miguel says that it ain't so and he has written a long reply answering to both the Gnome community and RMS himself. Miguel explains that Mono is just a free re-implementation of a proprierty technology (that Microsoft pushes enough to make it the 'de facto' standard in the years to come, so the Unix world should catch up), just as Linux was a free re-implementation of AT&T's proprierty UNIX, therefore people should look deeper to the facts before they start complaining without having done their research first.
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by the end is near on Thu 7th Feb 2002 02:47 UTC

You guys need to take off the blinders and look at the technology and motivation .NET will never work right except with C#(oh boy another c style language).
Miguel is a damn fool if he thinks microsoft is going to allow mono to ever be real competiton.Microsoft will give mono to mono.
A quote from Alan Cox;
"Be assured that the day they decide you are a nuisance the VM will acquire a patented neat feature that kills you off. Just ask the Samba people."
Take some time and read this
Sun and Microsoft get into a pissing match over Java because Java is a threat to Bills monopoly. Sun sues, wins and Microsoft creates their own Java clone. Weeeeeee now everybody jumps on board to help.
Microsofts goal is to kill Java. Thats all they have in mind.
Opensource development is spinning off into insanity. I used to think mabey OSS could win... now pthhhhhhh, its all degenerated into politics and pissing contests.
Just wait Gnome will fork at least twice in the next year.

by joe on Thu 7th Feb 2002 04:06 UTC

I find it interesting that I have not seen The Register pick up this story since I believe that it was their interview with Miguel de Icaza that started this and since he said that they had used a title that misquoted him
- joe

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jeremy on Thu 7th Feb 2002 04:42 UTC

You are missing everything he said in the article..........

MS is not creating a new standard in what Miguel is reimplementing, it is trying to create a new way of developing.

Miguel likes that part of it......he does not want to make a passport workalike and a web services crapola....he just want to take the method of developing applications and make it part of GNOME..........that is authentication, no services, just it.

my god...people hear .NET and the sudenly think of the ways it is beinging used by MS, not the way it can be used by GNOME.

by Paul on Thu 7th Feb 2002 06:15 UTC

Personally I think RMS has done a ton for the software community. The GNU tools, emacs, bash and a ton of other utilities would not have existed if it wasn't for him so he has my depest respect in that matter.

However he definitely lacks any business and social skills so all his amateurish attempts at politics make him look rather foolish. However as long as this doesn't interfere with the great software he writes it really doesn't bother me.

Dont mess with M$
by Phazer on Thu 7th Feb 2002 10:07 UTC

"the end is near" is correct. The ONLY goal Microsoft has with .NET is to destroy Java and make programmers come back to MS products. Just look at this:

I think Miguel is pretty stupid if he thinks MS is gonna let him copy their platform and let .NET applications run perfectly on Linux. If (and thats a big if) he succeeds in creating a 100% .NET compatible platform, MS will try to destroy it with every possible method. But at the moment they are concentrating on crushing Java.

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