Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 11th Feb 2002 17:15 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Gobe Software recently announced the release of version 3.0.3 of gobeProductive, a free update for all 3.0.x versions. If you are a user of gobeProductive, you may upgrade by selecting "Check for Updates" from the 'Help' menu within gobeProductive. gobeProductive 3 is a great office suite for Windows and Gobe is so generous that is giving away 10 copies to 10 lucky OSNews readers, one copy every day for the next 10 business days! Total value of $1250 USD. Enter the competition now, read more how you can win.
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Office rocks
by Anon on Mon 11th Feb 2002 18:22 UTC

MS Office rules, so get over it.

Everything else pales in comparison.


So true
by Big Al on Mon 11th Feb 2002 18:32 UTC

Yes, MS Office rules. Rules in occupying storage space. Rules in wasting system resources.

There are reasons that gobeProductive 'rules' also. Office pales in comparison.

Different strokes for different folks, dude (or dudette).

Still rules
by Anon on Mon 11th Feb 2002 18:36 UTC

Gobe are too late

MSO still rules


by Anonymous on Mon 11th Feb 2002 18:39 UTC

Can I save and so everything else with this demo..? I would like to try how well the MS-format conversion works...

No Windows
by h_ank on Mon 11th Feb 2002 19:08 UTC

I can't play because I run BeOS and Mandrake.

Productive is a very good product...
by yc on Mon 11th Feb 2002 19:09 UTC

The best in it class of product...

I can catch up with office in terms of features and easily surpass office in ease of use and flexibility.


MS Office is really about 20 millions time better, more complete, easy of use, fast, reliable, and , best of all.. a Microsoft Product. Wich is safer and really a trusteable soft..

(Just a joke...)

Keep up with the good work Gobe.TEam

by Androo on Mon 11th Feb 2002 20:32 UTC

Would a suggestion of "bring Productive 3.0 to BeOS" win me any prizes? ;)

MS Office comparisons to Gobe
by Rude Turnip on Mon 11th Feb 2002 20:51 UTC

Here is the comparison, nice and simple:

MS Office = Tractor-Trailer
Gobe Productive = Family Sedan

Both will get you from point A to point B. The former uses relatively more resources than the latter, but the 97 model runs just fine on a P-200. The latter is good for all-around home use and getting you to the supermarket, while the former is necessary for any larger, commercial production.

Productive is cool
by Camel on Mon 11th Feb 2002 20:52 UTC

I bought Productive 3.0 before it was released because I really liked it on BeOS. There are some features that I wish it had that it doesn't, but over all it has been stable and I like it a lot.

Microsoft Office XP is a nightmare to use. They took out some functionality that I really liked in prior versions and made the whole thing suckier, especially in Japanese.

The main thing I like about Gobe is that they don't try to second guess what I want to do like Office does, they are cheaper by about $500 than Office, the interface is easy to use, and it's not a Microsoft product.

Thanks Gobe.

What did they remove from Office XP?
by Rude Turnip on Mon 11th Feb 2002 20:57 UTC


by Kevin on Mon 11th Feb 2002 21:17 UTC

Cool! A contest ;)

Well, I wish everyone at Gobe good luck with the asales, and keep up the good work guys! Gobe Productive is great!

oh well
by Hugo Santos on Mon 11th Feb 2002 23:48 UTC

i really wish GoBE ported Productive 3.0 to BeOS.

The update doesn't work ;-(
by Zenja on Tue 12th Feb 2002 01:21 UTC

The update hangs...
I cannot update GP3.02 (retail) to 3.03 - the update just sits forever. After killing the update program, GP3 still has a modification date of 10 Dec 2001. And I was actually looking forward to this update after liasing with a Gobe engineer in regards to a bug fix (which they handled with first class style - immediate and friendly response - hats off).

Re: The update doesn't work ;-(
by Eugenia on Tue 12th Feb 2002 01:33 UTC

<A HREF="">Download the updater and run it manually. I hope it helps.

Re: oh well
by Kevin on Tue 12th Feb 2002 02:23 UTC

Yeah, me too... buy GP3 for windows/linux and mabye if the sales are good they will port it to BeOS! ;)

What I want in Gobe Productive
by Konrad on Tue 12th Feb 2002 09:58 UTC

First of all, nice work, its more stable now.

1. I cant import or even view my powerpoint files in GP3, that its a must.

2. Ive created some flowcharts with arrows (UML), you cant see any arrows or any other symbols. (I think you need 99.9% comparbilitet with M$ Office to attract more users)

3. Your UI is great clean and looking nice, much better then Office XPs.

4. The license/price is much better then with M$

5. Office XP is much faster on start up, on my computer!

6. I still miss the GP3 for BeOS (I will buy it, but I will still use Office XP in Windows (Dont have enough money to buy another office suit for windows).

7. Student prices (We have free magazines at my school, after we got our exams we will probably still read the magazines.. so send a copy to every school and try them to buy it for their students).

8. Good luck!

/Mikael Konradson

Office compatability
by Ores on Tue 12th Feb 2002 12:05 UTC

As far as i know its practicly impossible to get 99.99% compatability with ms office as ms refuse to share the file format. I know a project at my uni wanted to interface with word for some things and they had to go to huge lengths to workout how.

by gfx on Tue 12th Feb 2002 14:50 UTC

Close the gobeproductive application before you run
the update...

Windows can't save the patched file if the app
is still running...

Thanks Gobe!
by Dave Poirier on Tue 12th Feb 2002 19:15 UTC

It's very nice to see Gobe offering a contest for OSNews readers, hope we would get that kind of event more often ;)

Thank you also to the OSNews team, who most likely had their say in all this ;)

to anon
by Peter Schultz on Tue 12th Feb 2002 20:17 UTC

Microsoft is your daddy, not mine. :-)

by nate on Tue 12th Feb 2002 23:48 UTC

When is it going to be avalable for linux? Has anyone had problems with file format between staroffice and productive? Yeah star might suck but it is two months worth of food cheaper.

RE: What I want in Gobe Productive
by BakaSmack on Wed 13th Feb 2002 00:19 UTC

"5. Office XP is much faster on start up, on my computer!"

Actually, it's not. Microsoft just loads a large portion of Office into memory when your computer starts up (which is why your computer takes longer to boot after installing Office). It's the same with Internet Explorer, which is why Netscape takes longer to load than IE does.

When you launch both of these apps, they appear to load quickly because most of it is already loaded.

Gobe update problem
by Zenja on Wed 13th Feb 2002 01:28 UTC

Hmmm. At home, with Win2K the update ran flawlessly (progress bar and everything) but at work (Win98) it just sits there doing nothing. I'll try uninstalling and running the update process again (tomorrow, my Gobe disk is at home).

Since I'm a lucky man I'll participate.
by manik on Wed 13th Feb 2002 19:48 UTC

Damnit ! It's a Windows version and I've just sold the one computer where I could have installed it.
Used version 2 ? on BeOS. Loved it.

by Kevin on Thu 14th Feb 2002 12:09 UTC

I think this thing is rigged. I haven't won yet :p

by Oren Page on Sat 16th Feb 2002 20:51 UTC

Wow, I won., Thanks a lot guys. I was wanting this anyways, ill just assume it as a great birthday present from OSNews and GoBe. Now once i get it, its time to show it off to everyone I know since practically no one uses moist of the features of Office and GoBe is just cool all around with a great lisence.

LOL I love how they give the email address on OSNEWS with the NOSPAM in their. Especially ironic sicne im on hotmail which is notorious forspam.

Now I am just a happy rambling fool ;)


Re: Cool
by Kevin on Sun 17th Feb 2002 21:37 UTC

congrats dude!!! I love gobe, if I don't win I guess I will order GP3 for Windows ;) I'm using GP2 for BeOS, and GP3 Trial for windows right now... awesome products...

by Oren Page on Fri 22nd Feb 2002 04:16 UTC

I came home from my Math class and a package was there. I looked at it and was amazed. IT WAS GOBE.

After sitting in awe I ran and installed it. I started playing with the different features of what would normally be completely different apps.

I was amazed at its flexibility.
I am close to running through my town nake yelling Eureka before the police grab me.

This weekend is the test: A physics Lab report.