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OS/2 and eComStation OS2 World reports that Serenity Systems published the document "eComStation Roadmap", announcing eComStation 1.2, which should be available by the second quarter of 2004.
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2nd quarter
by Daniel de Kok on Thu 8th Apr 2004 19:43 UTC

Eugenia, the roadmap itself says second quarter 2004. I think the OS2World article has a typo ;) .

by Adam McNutt on Fri 9th Apr 2004 01:03 UTC

Look at that...OS/2 still has a better chance and better support than Zeta.... sad that this great old OS still lives on and outlives other OSes. Don't get me wrong, I use OS/2 and BeOS daily, but it sure is sad as it surpasses it on every aspect.

re: Adam McNutt / yess
by red on Fri 9th Apr 2004 01:11 UTC

" but it sure is sad as it surpasses it on every aspect"

which it does the it refer to, beos or os/s?

which is better, os/2 or beos? in your opinion as you have experience with both, which is better?

why does os/2 live on as ecom but beos and next machines died off?

is there an OS project for OS/2?

v Warp is dead.
by BJ on Fri 9th Apr 2004 02:10 UTC
E Comstation, Zeta, and Xandros...
by mopar on Fri 9th Apr 2004 02:15 UTC

I am very tempted to buy EComstation, being so impressed by OS/2 Warp 3 back when I had my K63-400 system. I was impressed by how much smoother multitasking was compared to win95. Kind of like the way Mandrake 9.2 stock with the 2.4 kernel compares to Mandrake 10 with the 2.6 kernel.

I ditched it because I could not run Odin on it, and the networking available for it was only for sharing files, not for internet TCP/IP, so I could not use my internet gateway/server masquerading connection while running OS/2. The NIC driver never would never load anyway. ;)

Zeta seems to have that smoothness built in, also, some ppl say even more than OS/2, and another OS is always fun to play with ;)

Right now I am writing this on the Xandros Trial Edition, and am very close to buying it, I think. I am going to build a compter for one of the grandparents soon, and Xandros seems to be the main candidate for the OS it will run. And maybe I will buy Business or Deluxe Edition for my wife, and for me when I just wanted something that works with no fuss.

re: red
by Adam McNutt on Fri 9th Apr 2004 03:01 UTC

sad that OS/2 passes BeOS on every aspect...

In my experience with both, at this point, it depends on your needs. If you are looking for an OS to DO things with, between the 2, I'd go for OS/2. BeOS is a hobby OS again. (Zeta as well if you count that as a product, which I don't)

BeOS had a possible future, and may still in Zeta, but as of yet, it hasn't produced anything other than "Release Candidates" which, IMHO aren't candidates fro release at all. But I digress and that's another article.

The main driving force between OS/2's life and NextStep/BeOS's is that #1: OS/2 has IBM backing it, and #2: Gov't invested in OS/2 big time and aren't letting the investment go away. Noone big invested in beOS (Hitachi and Sony did, but they don't exactly service whole countries' needs) I see BeOS as an accellerated OS/2 timeline. Great OS, ahead of it's time, slow adoption, crushed my M$'s marketing, then left to survive by it's users. Unlike BeOS's users who are currently infighting thanks to yT's non-disclosure of ANY information (and yeah, I'm in the BeOS camp, too)- the OS/2 users have banded together and are really working to help support with not only their wallets but their time and they really are a grand bunch to work with. The age differences between the groups is negligible- I raised the age question a while back.

OS/2 is IMHO a tougher OS to learn if you are new to it (nowadays - I started with 2.11) and BeOS much faster to pick up (by magnitudes of hundreds) but there is MUCH more HW support (yes new support) for OS/2 than BeOS. See IBM, SciTech, and Hobbes for HW support. There used to be Frizbe for BeOS, and always is BeBits. But do a comparison and it'll be obvious who is working harder and together to keep their respective OSes alive.

Another indicator would be there are still OS/2 jobs. Find one for BeOS.

RE: E Comstation, Zeta, and Xandros...
by Daniel de Kok on Fri 9th Apr 2004 07:42 UTC

If you are looking for an OS to play with I'd rather look at eComStation than Zeta. I have both. OS/2 is still developed by IBM and Serenity (there are some banks with OS/2 contract till afair 2019). Nobody knows for sure if YellowTab has the Zeta sourcecode. eComStation is quite stable, and supports modern hardware (including more than 1GB memory and it has really good SMP support). Besides that there are still some companies out there who develop good OS/2 software.

In the future eComStation can just be used on e.g. Linux using Serenity System's new virtual machine.

RE: E Comstation, Zeta, and Xandros...
by Daniel de Kok on Fri 9th Apr 2004 07:54 UTC

Forgot to add: you can run OpenOffice 1.1.1 on eComStation. Zeta runs Gobe, but it is plain old.

re: Adam McNutt
by red on Fri 9th Apr 2004 23:01 UTC

i remember seeing os/2 way back in the mid-90s. don't remember much about it. i also remember seeing beos demonstration when they came to urbana-champaign. i was impressed.

i'm surprised os/2 is tougher to learn, since GUI's are all the same to me. while beos offered clear advantages over windows, it's not clear to me that os/2 does, esp nt series.

thanks for the info. i would imagine the ancient ps/2 lines, not be confused with ps2, would be the best platform to run os/2. though os/2 comes on cd's and the ps/2s don't have cd-roms.

by Vesselin Peev on Fri 9th Apr 2004 23:03 UTC

Just for the record, you can run the latest Odin on even the initial version of Warp 3. There's a special tutorial on how to do that floating on the web, I have done it and it works.
Of course, almost nobody cares for this now, but OS/2 Warp 3 was an amazing product back in 1994, especially when one could smoothly format 2 floppies simultaneously and still go about one's work. As for stability, total lock-ins were very, very rare, contrary to Win 95's blue screen fear...


@ Eugenia Loli-Queru
by flywheel on Sun 11th Apr 2004 06:45 UTC

"At the end of the document, there is a mention about a significant new release of eCS (probably v. 2.0 ???). It should include bootable JFS, multi user support, Samba server, etc."

Yes, it is the next version, after the 1.2. What it will be called I guess is undecided (1.3 or 2.0, ohhh well - IMO it is utterly unimportant, as long as it is a unique ID :o)

@Vesselin Peev
by flywheel on Sat 17th Apr 2004 14:54 UTC

Not forgetting that Warp 3.0 included internet tools, like a dailup program, a web browser, FTP client, a gopher client and a few things more.

At that time Microsoft where pushing their Microsoft Network, laughing at the so-called internet. (Now-a-days they consuider themselves as the creator of the internet, a-long with the PC (The Mac included)).